Dec 30, 2012

Did I Resolve My Resolutions?

Do you make New Year's resolutions?

I try to each year, and I try to reach them - at least for the first couple months. Then time goes by and I get comfortable again and slip back into my normal routine. I even forgot that I made any resolutions this year, until I was browsing through my blog and ran across this post.

So I had to ask myself "How did I do?"

1. Run 2 5k Races. Be a RUNNER! - I would give myself half a check on this one. I ran 3 5k and 1 10k races. But I would not classify myself as a real runner. I have definitely slacked off on that goal. We would do good for a few weeks and then "take a break".

2. Hit my goal weight. Lose 25 pounds - No check on this one. I got close, getting down within 7 pounds of my goal weight at one point, but then I gained some back and then gained some more during my pregnancy. So I again need to lose 25 pounds to get to my goal weight. (I maintained the same weight - so do I get half a check for that?)

3. Finances: Budget every month and follow it! - No check here... oops! But this again will be one of my resolutions for the coming year. Better go on a shopping spree now before January hits - oh wait! we already did that this week. :)

4. Pay off $4000 extra on student loans. - LOL, ya, that didn't happen. We paid our monthly minimum all year long! Will these ever be paid off?!

5. Check off a few home improvement projects - CHECK. I still have more on my list, but we did quite a few things around the house this year that have been great! Redoing our bedroom has been our favorite.

6. Read and finish "The Story" and perhaps a couple other books - I did not read "The Story" but have read (at least started) several other books. - half check. I wanted to do a Bible reading plan and read the whole Bible and I did not accomplish that. Next year!

7. Make 1 couple friend - Check! Check! Check! - This has been the year of making friends. I love all my new friends and have been blessed by joining a small group/book club/bible study group.

8. Lose the addiction to FB and social network. - check. I mean I'm still on it a lot, but not near what I was and I do not check it all day long like I used to. Easy to put down!

So basically, I'm going to give myself a - try again next year, grade C+ on this year's resolutions!


Here is my resolution list for 2013:

  • 1. Focus on the NOW - living in the moment with an Eternal mindset.
  • 2. Be a RUNNER! Run a HALF MARATHON.
  • 3. Read the whole Bible using a YouVersion Bible reading plan.
  • 4. Budget - instead of living within our means, learn to live below our means.
  • 5. Be HAPPY and CONFIDENT with who I am, while trying to always improve in all areas.
  • 6. Shop Less... Need vs Want (Maybe, I should slow down on my VB collection.)
  • 7. Be intentional in my relationships.
  • 8. Be a better wife and mother. (Stay on top of the house work & don't be lazy.)

Basically, I want to spend less, save more. get fit. be confident.

and have spiritual growth.


I saw a statistic that only 8% of Americans are successful in achieving their resolutions. Hmmm... maybe we set ourselves up for failure? Or maybe I should make a shorter list!?

Now for a FUN Resolution List:

  • 1. Go to a Thunder's game.
  • 2. Family fun nights at the Tulsa Driller's games - at least 2x a month.
  • 3. Stay in a hotel with just the 4 of us to jump on the bed and swim with the girls 2 times.
  • 4. 10 year high school reunion
  • 5. Go to a theme\water park.
  • 6. Get a tan. aka - boat, pool pass, and splash pad.
  • 7. More one on one dates with my husband, Kairi, and Brayce.
  • 8. BLOG. BLOG. BLOG.

Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!




  1. Your resolutions are so similar to mine! We can do it!!!!! I just need to stay away from shopping at Target. LOL. Seriously.

    1. We can do it! I was proud of myself went shopping yesterday and didn't even visit Target - that's a first!! :) I am already falling behind on a couple of them and its just a week in!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog! I absolutely love your blog!



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