Jan 1, 2013

Who Invited the Pastor?

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a fun, but safe time celebrating the end of 2012 and 'ringing in the New Year!

My mother in law, Lynda, threw a party at her house for our church's staff and their families. It made me laugh because no one wants to invite the pastor to a party so we might as well throw our own! - I mean who wants to be the loser that invited the pastor!?
... (If only you guys knew how cool we really were!) lol.

Lynda made a lot of goodies. I loaded up on some brownies. We all had fun giving each other a hard time and had a night full of laughs.
These people are some of the best I know. Both Godly and fun. Never a dull moment around this gang!

This is the crew at COS - don't you feel safer now?!

It was great getting together with the wives! I love these ladies! (And Tim's great, too.)

We played Battle of the Sexes and the guys kicked our butts both times!

The kids had fun and made it to midnight! Actually, they stayed up until 1am helping clean up, too! The girls stayed the night with their Nonnie and Papa; always a special treat for the girls! (and for us!)

I think that was a great way to say Goodbye to 2012!
(the man I will always kiss at midnight)

Our last family picture of 2012.

I am looking forward to what 2013 will bring for our family!

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