Nov 1, 2012

Trick or Treat 2012


Halloween (to us) is just a fun day to dress up, eat candy, and enjoy family & friends.
And we did just that!

Guess who we are?! ...

Fred & Daphne and we even had Scooby Doo.
We tried! 
lol. My husband tells me 2 hours before I was leaving the house to come up with a costume idea. I obviously didn't want to spend any money... so this is what we came up with. Hey... we tried! Luckily, the girls are so young we didn't embarrass them.

We got to trick or treat with the cutest little lady bug & a beautiful bumble bee! 

I think my favorite part of Halloween this year was Kairi singing her revised edition of the Trick or Treat song:

"Trick or treat. Smell my feet.
Give me some candy I like.
If you don't, I don't care.
I'll pull down your underpants."

Made me smile EVERY time! :)

Our first stop was to go see our friend, Sue!
She was waiting for us with a pile of candy for the girls!
Thanks Sue! We love you! :)

Then we spent some time at Papa and Nonnie's house. Helping them hand out candy - and eating the candy and decorating the front yard w/ cat eye glowsticks.
I got some cute pictures, but I promised I wouldn't put them up because Nonnie didn't want to show off her beautiful Halloween costume. See how nice I am that I actually obeyed? :)

This is a great group of kids!
Then our friends arrived and we got to Trick or Treat around the neighbordhood with them!
Kai was especially excited that her friend, Adde was there! I think she gave her 2 or 3 handfuls of Nonnie's candy. That's what friends are for! :)

All the kids were so polite. Saying Trick or Treat and thank you's at each house.

Jonathan drove the golf cart around the neighborhood, which had at least 6 kids on it at all times.

I love that my husband is the best daddy the girls could ever ask for. He loves doing things like this with them. 
We LOVE family time.

It was a fun night spending time w/ our friends! 
(I'm glad they would still stand near me, even though I looked silly, VERY silly in my lovely orange wig).

I am so thankful for: My small town. My church family. My in-laws. My friends. My husband & my girls.

I am hoping we are making memories that will last a lifetime for the girls.
...if not we have the pictures to prove it.

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