Nov 4, 2012

If I Could Keep You Little

As a mother of 2 young girls, I can't help but whisper to them several times a day to "stay young forever." I try to enjoy every minute of them and remember everything because I know time flies by. And it scares me for them to not be babies anymore. 
As I hear Kairi memorizing and saying her memory Scriptures I am reminded that my little girl is a "big girl" now. She's approaching 4 all to quickly and I'm not crazy about how much she talks about when she gets big and goes to school.
Brayce reminds me every day that she is no longer a baby, but as big as her sister. Anything Sissy does, Braycee is right behind her. She is talking so much now and climbs up the swingset like a pro. Slow down little girl. She is 20 months old and that is my favorite size. If only she would cuddle with her mommy a little more. 

On Friday night Jonathan, the girls, and I went shopping to Old Navy and Target (my 2 favorite stores!) and went out to eat - I love family dates. While we were in Target, we were browsing through the books and movies and this book caught my eye. "If i could keep you little..." by Marianne Richmond.

I picked it up and began reading it out loud to the girls while they were sitting in the cart, but I had to stop half way through because I started crying. (I am not one of those women that cry when reading a Hallmark card, either.) 
I immediately put it in our cart because I knew I just had to have it. 

Here are a few of my favorite pages in the book: 

This is SOOOOOOO Kairi.
I try to sneak in matching clothes as much as she'll let me,
but I LOVE to see what she comes up with when she picks out her outfit.
My favorite part of the day is reading stories every night before bedtime.
This page made me lose it because we live on the lake and
I have 2 little lake rats. I know it won't be long before
they are big enough to go skiing and no longer wanting to jump
off the boat for us to catch them.

This book put into words exactly my thoughts on staying little, but it reminded me of the fun and precious times we will have as they grow. I don't have to be scared of them growing up because every stage of their life will be special and amazing. (Even those dreaded teenage years.)

This book is so special to me and I am thankful that I found it because I no longer fear them growing up and leaving their momma some day. But girls, please don't be in a rush. I will continue to cherish every moment of their lives (even the hard times and sleepless nights) and I will love them as much as I can and teach them everything I know. 
I will always be their momma and they will ALWAYS be my babies!


  1. That is a cool book. All you can do is cherish every moment because you are right, it does fly by! Seems like yesterday we were bundling 3 little girls up for school and babysitters. Best anyone can do is try to stop and smell the roses every chance they get and always’s remember to smile and be happy. Because in the end that’s all that matters

    Love ya, Dad

  2. I think you finally understand how your daddy and I feel. You will always be our baby and daddy takes it too heart, you will always be his little girl, it about killed him when we left you in Missouri. I didn’t think he was going to make it home. It took all he had to not turn around. I can’t believe I was the strong one. Enjoy them, because yes they will grow into exceptional young mothers raising their own daughters.



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