Nov 8, 2012


"How are you?" "Fine, thanks."

How many times have you had this conversation? With a family member? A church member? A stranger? The cashier at the grocery store?

Well people, it's time to get REAL.

Why do we lie?
... To be polite? To not be a time stealer? Because we think the other person doesn't care? Or maybe we don't want to burden them?

I want to encourage you to find someone.

I don't think we need to spill our guts to a stranger and no, it's not everyone's business what's going on with us. But find someone you trust. That you can talk to, where when they say, "How are you?" You can say, "I'm ___fill in the blank______."

But if we never tell anyone what's really going on inside of us then we are hurting ourselves and potentially the ones we love.

Some things are hard to say. Say them with love, but say them.

And the next time you ask, How are you? Expect an answer. A real answer. Hope for an answer. Be that person for somebody else.

I know how important being a friend is to others, and I hope I can be a better friend and person. And I want to stop thinking it's all about me. 

Let's care about ourselves and about others. 

So my friend... "How are you?"

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