Nov 10, 2012

November -- 10 on 10

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month

Birthdays are my favorite. And today is my 28th. Happy Birthday to me!

The 4 of us snuck away to a hotel for some swimming, pizza, and jumping on the bed. It was a fun treat for all of us.

We were planning on going to the zoo, but if you can't tell it was windy, very windy.

So we did what we do best. SHOP!!!
My favorite places to shop are Old Navy & Target. :)

Daddy and Kai spent some time with Dr. Suess
We spent some time at Barnes and Noble and the kids loved it there. This will definitely become a new activity for us. I hope to teach my children to love reading and learning and that it can be fun.

We had our favorite On The Border yesterday so we decided to do Fuddruckers today.

My birthday treat!!! M&M Sonic blast

The girls had fallen asleep on the way home and so the hubs and I decided to sneak in some ice cream and drive around looking at all the gorgeous houses on the lake; spending an hour just talking and enjoying some quiet time together.

We were almost home and saw this sunset.
Kai said, "Jesus just made it for us."

I love spoiling these sweet little girls.
They love their new Build A Bear Small Fry. I love how they both named theirs, Rainbow.

Have you seen these? Funko Pop figurines
For some reason I think they are sooooo adorable and my husband surprised me with 4 figures each with a Birthday card describing how each one represents something he loves about me, us and our family.

I am one happy Birthday Girl!!!!

I've decided getting old isn't all that bad!

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  1. happy belated birthday! looks like a fabulous day for everyone...good for you!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    many more happy birthdays!



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