Sep 16, 2012

The Little Red Wagon

Summers in Oklahoma are HOT. 
I am not an outside person. I don't like being hot and I especially do not like bugs. But now that it is September, we are starting to find our way back outside and ENJOYING it! It's so nice to be able to go outside and it not be 100 degrees and feel like you might have a heat stroke.
I LOVE Fall! I like the sweats and hoodie weather. I'm excited to go outside and do activities w/ the girls again. I'm not sure what all this "list" will include, but I am trying to compile one.
What do you do outside? What are your favorite things to do outside with your kids? 
I'm sure we will make our way to the park very soon & often. I'm really wanting to have a family day at the zoo; I really enjoy taking the girls there to see all the animals. Other then that, we will get outside and play on our swing set, play with chalk, read books, ride our bikes, have picnics, go to the football games, play soccer, and um... what else?

This past week the girls and I took our little red wagon for a stroll to go see the lake by our house.

Kai picked out their outfits today. Fancy, right? :) 

These little messes are getting heavy! I happily said yes to Kairi when she asked to get out and pull Brayce.

I have the best JOB... being a MOMMY to these 2 joyful girls! LUCKY, LUCKY ME!

*What are some of your favorite things to do outside with your kiddos?

1 comment:

  1. I bet your girls would like a "Nature Walk". You could turn it into a scavenger hunt. I.e. find something red, something soft, something hard, something with legs...etc. Make it fun and educational!

    Thanks for this post to remind me to take my little guy out more! I've gotten out of the habit.



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