Sep 14, 2012


If you want something long enough and tell yourself it's going to happen so many times... Maybe, just maybe it eventually will come true!

One of my major goals with my "weight loss journey"  has always been to cook for my family. I NEVER cook. I mean NEVER. How do we survive? What we do we do for food? What do we eat then? I'm sure these are some of the questions that just popped into your head. 
We eat out. Too much. We eat fast food and at restaurants. We live in the same town as a wonderful cook, my MIL. We like hanging out w/ them and am glad that she feeds us. We don't mind eating the same things over and over again: sandwiches, frozen food, and making ground beef to be able to rotate  burritos & sloppy joes. The girls love mac & cheese and cheese roll ups. 
Wow. Seriously. Now you can see why this is one of my goals. I am the wife and the mother. I am responsible for the nutrition of my family. I am responsible of feeding my crew. I am responsible for teaching my children how to cook and eat healthy. I have been failing at my job. 

So, no I am not exaggerating when I say NEVER... until NOW that is. 

Last night was my first night of cooking for my family. I am happy to report that there were no fires, spills, or injuries. 

I sent my girls to stay busy playing with their daddy so I could concentrate and hopefully not ruin our dinner. I know the defeat I would've felt if I didn't have success on my first try. 
They were having a blast playing hide and seek. I LOVED hearing all the screams and giggles coming through the house! I felt like a wife, a good wife. (I am not saying to be a good wife you have to be in the kitchen, but for me that is something I know I have always lacked. Especially since I started staying home full time. I wanted to do this for my family.)

So earlier this week I decided I would just start cooking. Enough talking, it was time to just start. 
I searched Pinterest for some meal ideas and I decided that I would plan one meal at a time. This would mean extra trips to Wal-Mart for one or 2 items, but if it means that I would be cooking my husband said he doesn't mind running by the store after work to grab them before coming home. 
I hope to cook all different kinds of meals. "Real" meals that are normal, but also new "different" meals that will stretch our taste buds to new tastes. I have NO IDEA where Kairi gets her food habits and not wanting to try new things... Oh wait, yes I do... her father and me. 
I hope to incorporate veggies into the meals. If that means using our food processor to hide them or adding some mushrooms to our pizza. 
Little by little. Step by step! One meal at a time.

I decided to make Chicken Spaghetti for my 1st meal. 
It looked simple enough - only 7 ingredients. And doesn't it look delicious? Who doesn't love pasta?! How could I mess this up? Surely, I could do this. 

I had to look up how to "grill chicken" and it was pretty easy! I did end up cutting these in half because they were so thick and weren't cooking all the way. I really didn't want to dry out the chicken, but if you're like me and starting out, turns out it it kind of hard to mess this up.

Following the recipe went smoothly and without any problems. I cooked the pasta, mixed together the ingredients, chopped the chicken, put everything in the dish and then sent it to the oven for 30 minutes to bake. Take out. Add cheese... 

The RESULT!!! Yummy goodness!!!

I had to ask Kai for the thumbs up! It was a struggle to get her to try it, but she finally did. She said, "It's hot inside." It had a little kick to it. She ended up maybe eating 10 bites, which for my little picky eater was pretty good.

Brayce ate everything on her plate. Surprise, surprise! :) 
And of course ended up with needing a bath afterwards.

This meal is a bit spicy because of the rotel. My kids weren't big fans of the spiciness, but the hubs and I really liked it. It is one of those warm comforting meals that is going to make you STUFFED. There was plenty of leftovers, too! (I had a serving today for lunch and it was just as delicious!)
My friend's mom in college would make a mexican spaghetti and crumble Nacho Doritos on top. I thought that would be VERY good on this meal too (they probably are very similar dishes), but tried to make the "healthier" decision while at the store shopping for ingredients and skipped out on the Doritos. My husband took some for his lunch today and put a little bag of Doritos on it. He confirmed.... delicious. 

Was this the healthiest meal I could've made? No. I did use whole wheat pasta, light sour cream, and fat free cream of mushroom/chicken soup. I didn't add as much cheese as it called for either. 
I am very happy with this meal; it was delicious. I cooked dinner for my family like I have been wanting to and guess what, I enjoyed it. Clean up was pretty easy! I like to keep the kitchen and dishes cleaned up as I go. 
We had family dinner at the table with great conversation.

Will I make Chicken Spaghetti again? Probably, but will look for a milder Rotel so my kids' throats don't burn. On the plus side they drank a lot of water at supper last night! 

So one meal down - the rest of my life to go! WooHoo!! 
Who would've thought I would enjoy cooking so much?


  1. When we first got married a friend of mine had given me a cookbook called "The Four Ingredient Cookbook"! I totally recommend it! Everything in it is easy. I just made baked crunchy chicken for us tonight. Miracle whip, parmesan cheese, corn flake crumbs, and chicken! Baked at 350 degrees for about 50 minutes!

  2. Looks yummy! I bet it would taste perfectly fine just leaving the rotel out, you can't go wrong with creamy pasta. Or you could try some petite diced tomatoes (just make sure to drain it) instead of the rotel, that would give it the tomato flavor without the spice.

  3. I am so proud of you! I have been a cook for years (in my former life I was a Home Ec teacher) and, while there are times I'm completely exhausted and don't WANT to cook, most of the time I find it to be relaxing and so rewarding. In agreement with both comments above......try plain diced tomatoes instead of rotel. It really makes it more kid friendly. Also, I made a chicken similar to the one listed in the comment from the Sevits Family and Dustin said it was my best Pinterest recipe to date! I did plain mayo, sour cream and parm with bread crumbs. If you slice your chicken breats in half, they cook in 20-30 minutes. I can pull that off, even when I'm tired!



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