Sep 5, 2012

I'm Not a Finisher

I am not a finisher. I am a starter. 
This statement definitely has it's flaws, but on the bright side when I don't finish something I start again and again!
Being healthy is something that you can never finish. It is not a destination point - "you have arrived". It is a moving target. There is definitely a difference of being healthy and not. So maybe it's like when you are "healthy" you are somewhere on the target but might never get a bull's eye.

If you have ever read my blog then you know that I am still on a get fit/weight loss journey. I have those times where I am kicking butt and losing inches. And I have those times where the scale won't budge. And unfortunately, like recently the scale has gone up, uP, UP!

Last week we noticed that this was going on and tried to focus on our goals again. We did pretty good for a couple days with exercising and counting calories and then this past weekend we celebrated labor day weekend by eating... and eating. We did make some healthy choices, but I also chose a lot of candy and sweets and if you know Jonathan and I at all, you know we ate pizza!

I was definitely not looking forward to stepping on the scale Tuesday morning. I knew what it was going to tell me. My clothes are not fitting and I feel sluggish! Yep, gained like 5 pounds! I was now 12 pounds higher then where I was before going back up. No, no, no! Wrong direction.

While looking on Pinterest, I ran across a "7 day diet" that caught my eye. I knew someone who had tried it before and so I read all that I could about it. I talked to Jonathan about it and we debated doing it. A few things we liked: it was only 7 days. it was all healthy foods and looked safe. it was only 7 days. it said you could lose 10-17 pounds. We decided: Let's do this!
Our goal with doing this 7 day diet is to lose the weight we put on, but also to focus on eating healthy and losing the junk food cravings. Learning balance and moderation again! We said sometimes we have to do extreme things because we have an extreme junk food habit! A major goal was to FINISH it. 

Monday night we got back from our vacation and I was so tired, but went to the store to get the ingredients this diet called for so we could start the next day (Confession: I also bought a digiorno we could eat that night for dinner, with ranch and all!). What was in my cart: fruits, veggies, fruits, veggies. I bought more fruits and veggies then I think I ever have. And besides the pizza, I felt very proud of what was in my cart!  (now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying pizza is bad and if you eat it then you are a sinner. I am saying we LOVE pizza and have no balance when eating it; hence, not a smart decision for us.)

Day 1: This day directs you to eat only fruit. Mainly melons and a -loupe. My husband cut up the melons for us and we were ready for our day. There is not a restriction on how much you can eat, but I must admit I did not do well this day. I barely ate anything and was hungry all day. Also, I made one modification to this - I am allowing myself to drink Bolt House Farms Green Goodness juice.
For breakfast, I ate some watermelon which I am not a fan of, but wanted to have success so I choked it down - I could have to eat worse. For lunch I drank some juice - YUM. We had to go out of town that evening and debated for 45 minutes straight ordering pizza and getting ice cream. Yes we only managed about 12 hours of wanting to stick to the plan - but we did it!! We drank some more Green Goodness and had an apple and we were satisfied enough to last until we could go to bed and start the next day.
What is it about us that think we need to eat so much? We have never had to go hungry and if I get hungry it is as simple as going to the fridge to get some more. So why do I think I have to stuff myself, like every meal is my last meal?!

Day 2: I was supposed to go to the gym this morning, but since I only ate 400 calories yesterday I did not have the energy to go. Excuse, I know! And not a healthy decision to eat so few calories. I do not recommend this and am trying to do better today!!! (This diet says EAT EAT EAT until you are satisfied, but of only certain things!)
This morning, I stepped on the scale and I was down 4 pounds!! (The hubs lost 4 pounds also!) YIPPEE!! Exactly what I needed to get me through this day: VEGGIES ONLY!!! It calls for you to start your day with a baked potato. Yes, please! At 10:30 I had brunch (my baked potato w/ pepper) and some water. (LOTS OF WATER on this plan!)
At noon I decided I better eat some veggies. I was warming up my carrots and broccoli steam tray in the microwave and my 3 year old daughter yells, "WHAT IS THAT SMELL?! YUCK!" I agreed with her, but knew I had to eat this. And surprisingly it wasn't too bad! The texture was hard to get used to, but it was pretty good! I ate the whole pack and went to the fridge to see how many calories it was... what only 40?!? Wow, eating healthy lets you eat more! So I decided I better have a glass of Green Goodness as well.

And so here I sit. 2:30 and I have not wanted to cheat or quit today... yet. I thought this would be the hardest day, since I "hate" veggies, but I am finding that I may not hate veggies. It might be that I have never really tried them and gave them a chance. I always tell my girls that they have to try something before declaring their "hatred" for it. And it looks like I need to look in the mirror and talk to myself!!!

I wasn't going to put this out on my blog in fear that I would quit and not succeed. "Oh, look at KC trying another quick fix and failing!" But I am too open and honest to hold in a secret. I want to encourage others by being real with them. I want to admit my struggles and have people hold me accountable. I thought Hey! This might work. And by it might work - I don't mean only lose these pounds quickly, but I may learn I like veggies and start cooking them. I will start cooking for my family. We will learn to eat junk food in moderation. We will get focused on being healthy again! So I wanted to share what was going on in my life with you.

5 more days... I will keep you posted! Also, at the end of our week I'll do a review of what I thought of it all and if I recommend this temporary 7 day diet.

So what do you think? Have you tried something "extreme" to get refocused? What have you had success with? What are your goals of being healthy? Are you a junk food junkie too?


  1. Yay :) heh. I hear you! I find the veggie dept easier than the fruit dept. Whenever I do a detox like that I have the hardest time eating fruits like that. I'd almost rather go hungry :-/ and then I slack in the work out dept. gah. I use to be able to eat a lot of cherries but they also cost an arm and a leg.

  2. You can do it! I really think the first 4 days are the hardest!

  3. Great job KC! the first day is ALWAYS the hardest. Most people dont realize how much fruit and vegetables you have to eat to equal the same amount of protein as meat. We are told "portion, portion, portion" so much we have to force ourselves to just eat until we are full when it comes to fruit and vegetables. I eat a TON of food and I love it! if you see me with a Mountain of a salad, thats why. :)fruits and vegetables both taste very different raw and cooked, so dont forget to try them both ways. Grilled fruits are yummy, the heat caramelizes their natural sugar and turns them into a sweet tasty treat. Your taste buds change too! This is one of my favorite things!. When we are eating processed foods our taste buds are bombarded with chemicals, so when we get back to REAL FOOD it takes time for our taste buds to adjust. Kinda like a detox for your taste buds. Also, frozen vegetables typically are pretty mushy compared to the fresh, but if its not in season go for it. Roasted broccoli and cauliflower are yummy, they get crispy around the edges. I love those green goddess smoothies.ok Im just saying random things now...I backslide with my health quite often as well. A juice fast is my extreme that I have to do to get back on track. It is nice to drop 10 lbs when I do it too. But more than that, Its a total detox. So much energy and a clear mind. Im aways amazed at God after this . He created these amazing foods that heal our bodies and taste great. And somehow I still grab a bag of twirlers at the movies. Old habits die hard. Keep up the great work KC



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