Sep 5, 2012

Go, Go, Go!

We like to go, go, go. And one of our favorite places to go to is Branson. 
As Labor Day weekend was approaching my MIL and us started talking about where we should go. Dallas... Branson... Kansas City? 
We all wanted to go to Branson. We found a condo and got to stay ALL weekend long.
We shopped and shopped and shopped - one of our most favorite things to do! The girls like to shop, too! Some say I'm creating monsters! HA! I don't think so. 
The girls did not have one melt down all weekend, even while shopping 10 hours one day! 
On Monday, a friend/member of the church blessed us with tickets to Silver Dollar City! We were so excited to go. The girls LOVE roller coasters and it's just such a fun family place. It was a lot hotter then I thought it would be, but we tried to drink plenty of water. And very much enjoyed the day!!

I am so blessed to have the family I have. My in-laws are our best friends and we enjoy spending so much time with them. The girls think they hung the moon and I'm pretty sure they would be perfectly happy living with them instead of their daddy and me! I love that they get to grow up with grandparents in the same town. They are blessed with 4 grandparents that adore them! 
My husband is my best friend and I love when I have him all to myself! The girls were so well behaved all weekend and had so much fun. Yes, they are spoiled rotten, but that's the way kids should be right?! :)

Here is my blog of pictures from our weekend!

They love being sisters 
Talking to CC while we shop!
Kai said I should be a clown for Christmas. lol
my lil family!! :)
It's good to be Kairi!
Nonnie got the girls new night gowns! they LOVE them.
Ready for shopping Day #3
Silver Dollar City Fun!
Kai LOVES roller coasters and is tall enough to go on all of the kid ones!
Braycee was a little sad she didn't get to go on them!
Snuggling with Nonnie!
Say CHEESE Papa!
This is Nonnie and Kai's ride!
Papa helping the girls fish!
Last year we thought the lady told us to go for the ones in the back to get the better prizes.
We must've remembered wrong or they've changed it up. lol. The girls love their prizes though!
YAY! We found 2 roller coasters Braycee could go on too!
Happy Frogs!
Kai's big enough to ride one by herself!
Where does the time go?!

It's a MUST to get a family pic in the BIG chair!
It was so hot we had to spend some time splashing in the water!

Thank you Nonnie, Papa, husband, girls, and Micheal for a great weekend!!! I love being able to create so many family memories, not only for myself but for the girls!

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