Sep 7, 2012

Fruits, Veggies & Bananas

Just another update on my 7 day diet adventure... 

Day 3: Fruits & Veggies
Scale: Lost 2 pounds (Total 6)

This past weekend I had a tooth accident and yesterday was my appointment to repair it. I was thinking it would be a quick 15 minute thing where it wouldn't hurt and maybe they'd just have to put some glue back on it. Turns out it was a 2 hour ordeal: cutting my gums, drilling a hole in my tooth, building a new tooth, etc etc. I have the best dentist in the whole wide world, but I am not a big fan of getting dental work done. ANYWAYS... that is the story behind my excuse for the day...
I didn't eat anything before going to the dentist because I thought it would be a short visit. I wasn't done there until 12:30 and had been on the nitrous gas for 2 hours and wasn't feeling very well. I went over to my MIL's house because she was helping me by keeping the girls... and well, enough of the story line of my excuse... but I had a Taco Bell bean burrito. I wanted something soft and that would be filling in my tummy so I knew an apple just wasn't going to happen. And I also ate a frozen waffle without anything on it. I know. I know. I cheated... and for supper I cheated again. I had a plain baked potato w/ pepper - Still a healthy choice, but the "rules" say no potato today. I had a broccoli and carrots steam tray as a side and I have to say I really do like those. I even had my husband try one and he liked it a lot too.  For a snack I had some Green Goodness juice - I love this stuff.

I wasn't sure what the scale would say the next morning because I did not follow the plan. But I still stayed way low on calories, made healthy choices, and didn't fall off the bandwagon too much!

Day 4: Bananas and Milk
Scale: Lost 1 pound (Total 7)  -- The husband has lost 7 pounds too!

Woohoo! I still lost 1 pound. 7 pounds in 3 days! It's amazing how just 3 days of not stuffing my face with junk can make such a huge difference. I know stuffing my face for 3 days really adds up, and it's nice to see that it works the other way around too! My clothes are fitting better and I am feeling better about myself already! I feel healthier. And I hope when this 7 day thing is done I can continue to make healthy choices and add in vegetables to my daily diet!
I woke up at 4:45 this morning and went to the gym. I ran a mile and did a session of TurboFire. I'm telling you if you want some laughs then watch me do TurboFire. I have to be the most uncordinated person EVER. TurboFire is a great program: with punches, jumps, intervals, and lots of moving - but it is also choreographed. So while it is fun, I have no rhythm and spend too much time trying to figure out the sequence of moves instead of doing them! It did feel great to be back at the gym. I hadn't been for a week. Still working on that word CONSISTENCY.
Jonathan and I are feeling great! Yes, I'm ready to eat regular food w/ out rules, but I only have 3 more days of this and am hoping to have some life long lifestyle changes! Today I am only allowed 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk. Weird, I know! However, I LOVE bananas!!! and I am hoping I still will say that by the end of the night. It's 2:30 and I have had 3 bananas (and one tbsp of peanut butter). I need to go drink a glass of milk. I haven't drank milk (besides in cereal) since I was a kid though, so I'm afraid of gagging. Ha!

I apologize because I know this was a boring post, but I just wanted to give an update on how this 7 day diet is going for me. At the end I will write another post with my results and if I recommend it! So far I am having to say it's a good thing with 2 thumbs up. 

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  1. Its not boring. Seeing your success is always encouraging :)



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