Sep 18, 2012

I am Not Just a Pretty Face

Lately I have been thinking about the things I am responsible for teaching to my daughters. No matter if they are my strengths or weaknesses, I am their teacher and their biggest influence (as of now, and hopefully for many many more years.) 
This is one of my main reasons I am wanting to learn how to cook - someday my son-in-laws will appreciate this. This past week I realized that someday my girls will wear make up and I thought how they NEVER see me put any on. 

For some unknown reason I was blessed with good skin, a pretty smile, long eyelashes, and big green eyes. Ok wow, that sounded cocky, or maybe just confident. 
But these are the compliments I have heard my whole life. And often with "you don't need to wear make up." Well I took that statement to heart and gladly quit wearing make up... ALL make up. Every once in awhile I will put on some mascara and black eyeliner, but I figured someday when I got "old" like 30, I could start wearing it again. 

If you think I am kidding, earlier this week I dug out my make up supplies from the back of my cabinet and found a thing of mascara, powder, blush, eyeshadow, and black eyeliner pencils. This is the same make up I have had since high school. -- Hmm... does make up expire? I think I know the answer to this. (Just to give you a hint of how old it is... I'll be celebrating my 10 year high school reunion this year.)
Side Note: I was thinking about getting some lipgloss while I was at Target the other day. I looked so out of place in the make up aisle. I was lost. The last time I bought any sort of lipstick or gloss was when I was 15 and Mary Kate and Ashley products just came out. So I didn't end up buying any. -- Any suggestions for a good lipgloss/stick? Something simple and not sticky.

I decided this week that I wanted to start wearing make up again. To brighten up my face, and make it look alive and awake. I think I have worn make up 4 days in a row - a new record! And today I got to do something with my girls that I have been looking forward to. They begged me, "Mommy, can we put on your make up?" Yes! We had a lot of fun with this. They thought they looked like beauty queens and I had to agree. My little girls are growing up. I am looking forward to being Mommy at every stage of their lives. Being a mommy to little girls is too much fun! 

I not only like to write on my blog, I like to read blogs. One blog I follow, Kelly's Korner is having a "link up" and the topic was one of those perfect timing moments! BEAUTY PRODUCTS. I thought it was pretty funny that just a couple days before I decided to take some pride in my face and start wearing make up again and then to see her link up topic was one I knew I could relate to now. One of my friends has been doing a series called "Mommy Make Over" on her blog and I think that's what got me to thinking about wearing make up again... especially now that 30 is quickly approaching! Wow, that looks crazy written out.

Kelly suggested we share our favorite beauty products on our blog and then link up to her blog post.

FACE: As you can see I am pretty simple on the make up department... give me a tube of mascara, black eyeliner pencil, and my eyelash curler and I am happy there.
But my least favorite thing about make up is taking it off! Ugh... it takes me forever to get my mascara to come off... any tips?

HAIR: I like to keep it short because I think it is fun, but really to help w/ maintenance. I have VERY thick hair and it is curly and out of control. See picture below if you don't believe me. 

My must have for my hair is my Chi flat iron. If you don't have one, go get one. Worth it! LOVE it! I've had this one for probably getting close to 10 years. I'll never have anything, but a Chi.

Also the "don't leave home without it" product is my hair spray!! It is usually the only product I use in my hair. I like Herbal Essence's hair spray. 
I can fix my hair straight out of the shower while it is still wet (and do often) by putting some "Surf Hair" gel in it, which I stole this product from my husband.

I am a pretty simple girl but a few more products that I ALWAYS stick with are:
Razor = Venus
Deo = Degree
Perfume = Victoria Secret Pink
Shampoo, Conditioner, & Hair Spray = Herbal Essence
I like q-tips.

I would never be classified as a "girly" girl, but I do think us "simple girls" should still put a little effort into our looks and put ourselves together instead of the I just rolled out of bed look that I like to have so often. Not only for myself, but for my husband. (He is always so good to notice right away.) 

I am not planning on wearing make up everyday, but I hope to wear it a lot more and continue to take care of myself. Even if it's a pajama day, a little mascara wouldn't hurt!

No Make Up, but I did fix my hair.
Eyes don't pop, but am still happy w/ my natural look

Everyday make up.
Make up opens our eyes and makes them pop.
I also have started wearing my diamond earrings again. A little girly feature to help w/ my short hair. :)

Special occasion look - aka, I didn't change anything about my make up.
Only difference - a dress.

and I always wear a...
SMILE... You never know who's day you might make a little brighter.


  1. Love it! I use MaryKay eye makeup remover to get off my mascara - best thing ever! (Works on all eye make)

    You girls are inspiring to try and get makeup on every day!

    1. I totally second using MK make-up remover. That stuff is amazing and gentle on the face too!



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