Aug 13, 2012

What to Say?

I am in the mood to blog, but yet I don't feel like I have anything important to say? 
Not that the things I usually blog about are important to anyone else but me really. But I want my readers to enjoy what I talk about, to be encouraged or inspired. I want you to be able to relate and get to know me. I want to glorify God. I want you to come back to my site ready to read more!

What things do I blog about that you enjoy?
What would you like to see me talk about or share?
Do you have any questions you want me to answer?  

I guess since the girls are napping and I don't have anything to say at the moment I will go fold laundry... 

Help me out and give me some topics & ideas!! :)



  1. Um yes, I have several questions I want you to answer, for the leibster award I nominated you for!! That would be a perfect thing for you to blog about! :D Just go to this link & follow the directions.
    Can't wait to see your responses.

  2. I really like housewife/mommy what you do day to day kinds of posts. Or stuff about how you keep your house cute and organized. :)



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