Aug 15, 2012

I Work Out!

Good Morning! I didn't even know life existed this early. I have begun my 5am work out sessions!

Last night I set my alarm for 4:30 AM! And I asked myself 100 times what I was thinking. I must be crazy, no, it wasnt me who's crazy. It's my friends who work out this early! What?! 5:15! Oh my. I decided my 2 am bedtime probably wasn't the best idea and I think my husband was thankful for that. We crawled into bed at 10 (oh so, this is what normal people do!) and my husband was asleep within minutes. I just laid there... And laid there... I finally fell asleep at 11. One of my daughters woke up a couple times last night, but at 1 I already felt pretty rested so I was thankful for that. I was able to go back to sleep and was sleeping well until BAUM BAUM BAUM BAUM!!!!! What in the world was that awful sound?! Oh ya... Then once again I go through the list of who's crazy and that getting up at 4:30 was insane. I had asked my husband to make sure I woke up and he was encouraging me that I would be glad I got up to go and that it was time. That's easy to say as he was snuggled under the blanket knowing he would be snoozing for another 3 hours. But the alarm went off again and I decided to get my irritated annoyed butt out of bed. (edit: my husband just woke up and asked me how it went. And said, wow you did not want to get up this morning. I think at one point you said, 'This pisses me off.' - lol oops! I knew it was rough!)
I KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO BE THE TOUGHEST PART!! I told myself that I had already made the decision to do this, I made that decision in the middle of the day when I was awake and sane so changing that decision shile I lay in my cozy bed probably wasn't a wise choice. It was 4:55 and I had laid out my clothes the night before and dressed in the dark. Grabbed my water bottle out of the fridge mumbling under my breath and quietly slipped out the front door. 
It was dark. Oh my. I'm scared of the dark, or I guess I would say I'm scared of the boogeyman in the dark. I flipped the front porch light on knowing bugs would soon swarm the area and bolted towards the car. Checked the back seats to make sure there was no one hiding in there waiting to strangle me... Lol I told you I'm scared of the dark - my imagination runs wild. I jumped in and quickly locked the doors. Whew! Safe. :) I turned on some Jamie Grace and sang loud and proud. Then I knew it was time to switch my attitude. I looked out the window and saw all of the stars shining down and couldn't help but say, "Lord, you are beautiful." I sang some songs and one of my favorites of hers  came on, "Show Jesusl" by Jamie Grace - listen to it. I want to represent that, "when I walk into a room it's like flipping a light switch on, it's written all over my face the way I love Jesus ! It's so inspiring the way I show Jesus." (not exact quote of lyrics)
That hit me in the face. My attitude of being annoyed that I had to get up at 4:55 quickly changed. I didn't have to get up that early. I chose to. I am so blessed that I am able to wake up and go to the gym. And then I get to go back home to my family. Thankful, thankful, thankful.
I pulled up to the gym at 5:10 - I was so proud of myself for not being late - that never happens! And I noticed my 3 friends standing outside... They had forgotten their gym key. Whew! Good thing I came! :) Having people at the gym that are waiting on you or that are going to work out together and they are expecting you to be there has so much accountability - just what I was looking for! Yay! These 3 ladies are such amazing, happy Godly women and sure were cheerful at 5 am! I knew I had made the right decision to get my butt out of bed. I was already glad I came.
We warmed up on the treadmill for 10 minutes. I was curious as to how my foot would be (I injured it at our race Saturday and have been limping on it since.). My foot felt pretty good and I was able to run on it. Praise the Lord.
We grabbed some weights and went to work out along with a work out DVD that Rachel had brought. We did 5 minutes each of squats, biceps, lunges, abs, and shoulders. I had never heard of it but it is: Les Mills PUMP Work Out. The music with it was very fun and upbeat. The work out goes pretty quickly when you break it into 5 minute sections like that. My legs felt like noodles but in a good way.
We got done at 6:15 and said have a great day and I had to admit that I was glad that I went. I said it with a smile on my face. I knew the work out wouldn't be the "hard" part for me it was getting out of bed that is going to be my struggle every morning. That's why I'm writing this blog. To remind myself and to admit that i was glad I went. And Friday when I struggle with the same thoughts to get out of bed to just do it because I know I'll be glad I went. I am thankful for my work out buddies and am so blessed that God has put them into my life.

When nap time rolls around today I think I'll be ready to join the girls! Maybe Kai and I will snuggle together! But for now I'm looking forward to a morning with my husband before he heads off to work. I have missed these mornings - because I'm always still sleeping!

Have a good day family & friends! :)

Sometimes life's biggest struggles are blessings in disguise!!!!!!!


  1. Way to go!
    -Brittany Long

  2. Waking up is the hardest part for me too. I really like getting my workouts done before work so I can spend the entire evenings with my hubby. But half of the time I can't seem to get my booty out of bed!

  3. whooop!!!! so much fun at the gym this morning! :) super excited you are coming at 5:15 now! looks like we may take over the gym! :) 3 weeks-and then waking up early will be a habit and unfortunately, on may keep waking up early! :)



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