Aug 12, 2012

Running Under the Stars

So once again here we head to a run being unprepared. Not knowing how we will do. It seems that every race we have gone to we have not been consistent with our running and I think in the last month maybe I ran twice! :( Ugh! That was hard to say outloud. 
We went to Joplin tonight for the Blue Moon Race! We signed up to do a 10k, 6.2 miles! 
The furthest I have ever run is 5 miles and that was one time a few months ago! Jonathan has only ran 5 miles twice! So we weren't sure how we would do. We didn't question if we would finish or not though! It was just wondering if we would finish without dying! lol

Pre Race! Smiles and no sweat!
The race was tonight and didn't start until 8:15pm. It was 85 degrees and I think dropped into the 70s when the sun went down! It really made me look forward to fall time and being able to run outside again! We didn't know until we got there but this race was done on a rock trail. It was different and not the best for my Nike's that LOVE to get rocks in the bottom of them. 
8:20 came and it was time to start! We had to wear glow bracelets and I wasn't sure why. I didn't think it would be that dark, I couldn't even see them when we first broke them open.

Before every race I look around and feel so out of place. I don't belong in the running community. I'm not a runner. I shouldn't be here... I get nervous and want to run to the car and leave. 
I was nervous about being out of place in the 10k. It was something new, something I hadn't tried before. 
Tonight while looking around at everyone in their athletic wear as they were stretching and warming up. Nike gear head to toe. Water bottles and sweatbands. Biker shorts and headphones. It made me very self conscious of what I was wearing and what I looked like. 

And then I got this thought... 
This is probably what people new to the church feel like!!! They walk into a church building for the first time, feeling nervous very self aware that everyone is looking at them and whispering that they don't belong. That they should run to their car before it's too late, before they commit to the worship room.  They see people in their Sunday best, suits and tie and look down and see that they only have jeans that have a hole in the knee (and not the cool kind but the worn out kind) and are wearing the only clean t-shirt that they have but obviously is old and worn. Not sure of themselves, they sit in the back and are too worried to ever relax enough to enjoy themselves and hear the Word of God or to let the Spirit move in them. 
It reminded me that on Sundays it's not about what my girls are wearing and looking so stinking cute. It's not about showing off because we know how Sundays work = this is our home.
It's about showing others the love of Christ. It's about cheering others on! It's about encouraging them when they want to stop! It's serving. It's praising God for the very breath He gave us. It's living our best to bring glory to his name. It's about smiling, shaking hands, and opening doors. It's showing someone where the bathrooms are or inviting them to sit next to you - or even giving up your seat. It's about asking someone out to eat after church so you can build a relationship with the body of Christ. It's talking about God with your family and raising your kids to believe. It's inviting people to your church services, even if they "don't fit in". 
We are there to meet "Ethan's" and lead them to become "Philip's". 
So smiling at someone, introducing yourself to someone, saying welcome I'm glad you're here - YOU BELONG!!! Is showing the love of Christ and might just make someone comfortable enough so they can relax and get to know HIM. 
Serve others. Serve God. Love others. Love God. 

So anyways, the race was great. If you haven't done a race I encourage you to do so. They are so encouraging and fun!! They are community minded. It's impossible to not take off and sprint because of the excitement and crowd. But we soon found a comfortable pace for me. (Jonathan is faster then me but he is so good to stay with me. I love running races with my husband!)

Jonathan's rough mile was mile 2 to 3. But we just ran side by side and encouraged each other all the while. It grew VERY dark at 3 miles and we were lucky to not trip and fall. We could not even see the rocky trail below our feet. Then I was thankful for these tiny glow bracelets! I was wishing I would've worn my bright yellow shirt in case I got lost they could find me! 
From miles 4 to 5 I thought I was going to have a heart attack or asthma attack. (I don't have asthma.) But I calmed down and just focused on the water spot about half a mile up the road. 
My knees were killing me and at 4.5 miles I wanted to stop to walk and did for about 5 seconds until I realized that my knees still hurt so I might as well run! :)
At 5 miles we really couldn't see but knew we were getting close to the end. We couldn't help but laugh because we were "swerving" all over the road. I was very thankful to have Jonathan by my side because it was in the middle of some wooded areas on a dark path... another bonus of having a running partner. I didn't have to worry that the people running behind me were trying to get me! (LOL, yes I am afraid of the boogyman in the dark.)

We were able to run the whole time! We had a pace of 11 min miles and finished at 1:10:17. 
I was very happy with that. I had such a great time with my husband and look forward to many many more races! Find a running partner and get out there to some of your local races! I promise you will love them!!!

We did it!! :)
look how red I am! whoa!

Thanks husband for being my best friend, my encourager, my partner, and lover. 
I love that we are on this journey together!!!

oh and we celebrated by getting ice cream!!! :)


  1. That is so completely great. What a great activity to do together and what a great example for your children. And I love how you segued into how outsiders feel when they come to church, SO true. That's why it's so important for us to just WELCOME people. I haven't been going to my church for very long so I'm never sure if the people I am greeting are visitors or are already members, but you know what? It doesn't matter, I try to greet them any way, it's about reaching out to someone and showing them the love of God, period. Great post!

  2. Great post! The part about it being like church almost made me cry, how we welcome and accept others is so so important. Instead of judging that they don't belong, we need to show them love! We are ALL the church, no matter what brought us there!!! Thanks for sharing KC! And Great job on the race, a 10K is no easy feat! You should definitely be proud!

  3. AWESOME POST! I loved the whole church paragraph. It really struck my heart cords. :) Also, so proud of you for just doing it! What an accomplishment!



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