Aug 21, 2012

Summer Ends Story Time Begins

I know there's not a lot of great things that come from summer ending - besides everyone agreeing on the thrill of cooler weather approaching, but one thing we were looking forward to is story time at our public library beginning again!

I was determined not to be late on the first day of story time. We were all ready, but I just needed to find Kai's library card and their story time whole punch. I looked EVERYWHERE (but where it is hiding) to try to find these. I had just seen them a couple weeks ago while I was purging the house. That's the problem when we clean things and organize. We can't find anything anymore!

I was so frustrated with myself. I hate losing things and I am not very forgiving to myself when I lose something. But 10 o'clock was fast approaching and I threw my hands up in defeat and we headed out the door. I was trying to shake my grumpiness and be glad again of story time. 

We were about 5 minutes late, not bad! :) - Difference in my husband and I: I hate losing things more then I hate being late. 

We sang some songs, ate a snack, read a couple books, and played a game.

Before summer break the girls had gone 9 times and every 10 times you go you get to pick out a book to keep! So I asked Mrs. Karen if the girls could get their free book eventhough I had lost the whole punches. She said, Of course! Yay! And turns out we have a new attendance sticker chart so no more keeping up with the whole punch cards! So I'm trying to let go of my unneeded lost item. Someday it will turn back up, until then I don't need it.

Anyways, here are a few pics of the girls with their wonderful story time teacher, picking out books, and playing games! They LOVE story time!! And I must admit I do too.
It's fun, free, and we get to see friends! 

What activities does your town offer for family fun?

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