Aug 21, 2012

The Smarties are Headed Back to School

My family and I were at Target shopping a couple weeks ago and it was nearing back to school time!
Then I had a great idea... we would send back to school treats for my nieces and nephew that were starting school that next week. My nieces are in 3rd and 1st and my nephew was starting his first day of Prek-K! Kai and I went back and forth down the aisles looking for the perfect treat! (Daddy headed back to the front of the store to change a poopy Brayce!) 
It's always a dilemma when trying to do something special but yet, not wanting to exclude anyone. (I have 2 other nieces and 3 more nephews.) I debated about this for a good 30 minutes but we decided to just send to the 3 going to school and next year we would add to the list that would be starting pre-k!

I LOVE being an Aunt and absolutely adore my nieces and nephews! They are such a great bunch!!!

We found these CUTE monster pencil pouches and thought it would be fun to put some candy in them and mail them for their first day of school!

Kai really enjoyed helping make the treats for her friends!!!
Pink for Emmy, Green for Josh, and blue for Katon!

Here she's asking me if she can save some for herself!

Of course I said yes!
She said, "I like this candy!"

I asked my husband to print me off something to put with their bags.
He's so creative and cute!

Look at my nieces and nephew! Just babies in this picture! I can't believe how fast they've grown!

The girls were so excited to take the packages to the post office!
I think they wish they could've mailed themselves! 
They LOVE their friends!

I hope everyone has a MONSTER SCHOOL YEAR!!! :)

I'm already trying to think of more fun treats and surprises to send to all of the kids. What kid doesn't like getting fun mail?! Shoot, what adult doesn't like getting fun mail?!  :)

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