Aug 22, 2012

Cowboy Wanted

The girls and I were invited to go to a rodeo parade with some of our friends! Brayce had an appointment so I didn't think we were going to be able to make it, but I decided we would try to reschedule because spending time with family and friends sounded a lot more fun then an appointment!  
We met at one of my friend's house this morning so we could caravan! The town it was in was about 40 minutes away. My SIL is in town for another week or so. She is on leave from the Army and we were so excited that CC said she would come with us! I had a great time visiting with her and was glad to have an opportunity to spend time with friends.
 We got there about 10 minutes before the parade was to start and apparently the locals knew that you should arrive a long time before that if you wanted any spot with shade! Lesson learned! It was hot and sunny without much of a breeze, but the parade soon started and so the kids got distracted. 
 Brayce LOVED the horses. She waved to each of them yelling "HI!!!" I think I need to find somewhere to take the girls riding?! Is there a place here in town?? 
This might have been one of the longest parades I've ever seen! Lots of horses and lots of cars! They just kept coming! Brayce's favorite were the horses, Kai liked the little shriner cars and the candy, and I liked the rodeo clowns! 
We were all pretty worn out by the time it was finished - standing in the sun/heat will do that to you! It was a great day though and I am glad we went! I am always trying to find fun (FREE) activities to take the girls to. I think it is so important to let them have different life experiences and hope to let them learn by going to new places! But without wearing them out. We like to go a lot, but I know how important it is to spend time at home. Life has to have balance! :) 

Life is more then schedules and appointments. You have to stop and enjoy the moments that God has given you. To build relationships, to love, to share, and to have fun. Thank you God for my beautiful life!

FUN time w/ family!

I knew that I would be running behind this morning because I always am! So last night I laid out the girls' outfits. I searched their whole closet for something "cowboy" to wear. Turns out this shirt is the ONLY thing we own, which was given to us and so glad it came in handy! :) Thanks Sis! 
But we are more Toms wearing people then boots! Kai begged me to wear her purple winter boots, I am definitely glad I made her wear flip flops! :)

The girls with their CC! 

Have I mentioned how much I love being a mommy?!
She didn't want to take pictures with me because she wanted to see the parade! 
I guess that's understandable!
I dunno why, but I love rodeo clowns!!!

I have never seen this before! A horse in the back of a truck!? Weird, right?

The "gang"

Braycee waving HI to ALL of the horses!!

sweet sister moment!
This reminds me of how much God has blessed me!

CC bought cotton candy!

I love this! Payne and Brayce sharing popcorn. SO cute!

The girls and I enjoyed a fun morning watching the parade!

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