Aug 30, 2012

One Cool Lady

This is our friend Sue!

I met Sue and her husband Bob while working at the hospital. 
She was one of our volunteers and don't tell the others, but definitely my favorite. Sue is one of the sweetest ladies I know. Her husband is quite ornery though! :) Plus she loves to play on her iPhone & iPad which I think is pretty cool.

Sue recently moved into an assisted living house that is right across the street from our church so the girls and I get to go visit her. We try to go at least once a week. Kairi BEGS me EVERYDAY if we can "go see Sue". Kairi says Sue has a big house with a lot of friends. 

The first few times we went Kairi wouldn't say a word while we were there, but would talk about Sue as soon as we left and all day, everyday. I finally had to tell Kairi if she didn't talk to Sue, we wouldn't be able to go anymore. She walked right into her room and said "HI!!!" and gave her a big hug. 

Bob and Sue's daughter brought the girls coloring books and crayons to keep in Sue's room for when we go visit! They think they are pretty special! The girls love coloring pictures for her! Kairi was proud to show her how she wrote her name all by herself too! 

Braycee helping pick up the crayons. 
Last night we could only stay for about 15 minutes before we had to walk across the street before church began! 
Both of the girls really enjoy visiting her. They give her hugs and say love you's while she tells them how beautiful they are and how glad she is that we came.

Sue, you are one cool lady and I am glad you are my friend!

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