Aug 29, 2012

Life is a PARTY

My girls think life is a party! And for a 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 year old that's what it should be, right?! :) Who am I kidding!? I have to agree with them! :)

For the past 2 to 3 months we have had different family in town at all times. Jonathan's brother's family were down staying with his parents for several weeks and then Jonathan's cousin and her 2 girls came for a long weekend. Jonathan's sister was on leave from the army for a month and came to stay with her parents. So my in-laws house has been busy with family and we have been loving it. 

However, today is the first day of no guests. It's kinda quiet - too quiet. First thing Kairi asked me this morning (at 6:30, was when we were going to Nonnie's house). We are so fortunate to live in the same town as Nonnie & Papa and we love spending time with them. The girls are used to seeing them almost every day and love when they get to have a slumber party, too. I am so thankful that my girls get to grow up with a set of grandparents down the road!

We've been very busy playing. I'm not sure that Kai really understands why all of her friends aren't here anymore. (Who's coming to visit next?!)

This past weekend we had a very FUN surprise!!! Pop and Mimi were coming to our house and they surprised us by bringing the girls' "friends" aka cousins with them! We met them for lunch and saw Mimi and Pop and then up popped 3 little heads! Kai was so excited she was running so fast inside she slipped and fell! Yes, we were that happy to have 3 of the cutest little girls come stay with us for a night!

The girls played NONSTOP for the 24 hours they were here, barely stopping to sleep. The girls get along so well and we all wish they could just live with us - I don't think my sister would go for that tho! I love my little nieces; they are the sweetest little girls! 
Visits with family are never long enough but we cherish every moment we have! And are so thankful that Mimi, Pop, and the girls made the trip up to come see us!

Emmy is the little momma of the group! So nurturing and sweet. I don't think Brayce got out of that stroller one time! Emmy made sure Miss Brayce was keeping up and able to stay in the middle of the fun!

We enjoyed some time outside on the swingset, too!

Pop and Mimi brought the girls a chalkboard. 
This chalkboard was in the elementary school where my mom went to school - Washington Grade School, which was torn down several years ago, but the chalkboards were saved by the church that bought it and my mom was given some of them. The girls love having this on the deck! 
I imagine we will have lots of masterpieces come from the chalkboard!
Brayce is LOVING having all the girls here to play! She kinda likes her Mimi & Pop, too!

Pop is Braycee's buddy! They played with this toy for about an hour straight.
Brayce would squeal after each time "DID IT!!"

Getting settled down before bed time. watching a movie

Little beauties ready for church!!!
LOVE all the matching dresses! :) How fun! 
Who wouldn't love quintuplets ?!

Mimi, Pop, and the girls!!!

My parents and Jonathan & I stayed up late playing Monopoly card games. My mom is convinced Jonathan was cheating since he won almost every time! I am so thankful that my husband and parents get along so well. (He is the first boy that I was ever "allowed" to see. I am glad I decided he was a keeper.)

Thank you for coming to visit. My heart was full after getting all of this quality family time!!! 

I am one lucky girl to have sooo many awesome people I get to call FAMILY!!!

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