Aug 16, 2012

Look at that Shiner!

Look at that shiner! 
No, I didn't hit her. Poor baby got bit by a mosquito Tuesday night while we were trying to enjoy the weather for 10 minutes outside in the backyard. 
It was around 8 o'clock and we had just gotten home and it was in the 70s. The 70s! In Oklahoma in August! You bet we were going to get outside to play. BAD MISTAKE. The girls and Jonathan were playing on the swing set and I was sitting on the back deck. I lit our citrus "off" candle and I had a flyswatter in one hand ready to ward off any predators. I had just mentioned the bugs and my husband noticed that they were flying all around and we decided we better get inside because (bad mommy confession) I forgot to put Off on the girls and didn't want them to be eaten alive by mosquitos. 
As soon as we came inside we noticed 2 red bumps on Brayce's legs and one right above her left eye. Those mean mosquitos! You leave my Brayce alone. 

We put the girls to bed, but when they woke up this morning Brayce's forehead was swollen to the size of a golfball. WHAT?! I asked Jonathan if he thought she was fine and we decided that she was. But I couldn't quit looking at it all day, but my sweet little girl never complained about any pain or irritation! She's the most laid back little girl. And they had a day full of fun and giggles.

Brayce and I went to visit Daddy at church around 5 and we ran into a few ladies there, that asked "dude, what is up with her face?!" (not exactly like that but that was exactly my thought!) Poor girl, I told her I would still love her and think she was the prettiest thing alive, but it sadly reminded me of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. That's awful huh? 
So I got some different advice and called my MIL to see what she thought. 

Yes, I am one of those silly, worried mothers that take their kids to the ER because they do not want anything to happen to them even if it is nothing. My kids are perfect so when something's wrong then I've got to take care of it! :)
(Side Note: I don't really take the kids to the ER all the time. Kai has been once, and Brayce now twice. I actually was worried that they would look at me like I was crazy and tell me I was a silly mom, then I realized I didn't care and wanted Brayce looked at.)

Brayce and I waited about an hour and a half to get called back to a room. Then another 5 or 10 for the Doctor to come into the room. He was very friendly and quickly "diagnosed" Brayce as having a mosquito bite with swelling to be taken care of with soap and water. If it got worse or started itching then some Benadryl. He was out of the room within 2 minutes and I was standing there w/ my girl saying see, you are perfect.

Ok, so it was confirmed I am one of those crazy moms. I took my kid to the ER for a mosquito bite? Yes, in fact I did. The swelling on her head just scared me. I mean, maybe it wasn't a mosquito and it was a spider? Maybe she was having a serious allergic reaction? The swelling was going down her nose and so I was am worried about her breathing. This life brings us too many "what if's".

So Mommy and Brayce didn't exactly have the one on one time like I thought we would - I was more thinking getting our toes done. She thought an ER trip would be more fun, but I was able to take care of my little girl and care for her the best I knew how. For that I am thankful. 
I am still worried about her, she woke up about an hour after we laid her down sweating, but with no fever. So I am going to do my best to sleep light and listen for any sounds that she needs help. I think I will give her some ibuprofen if she wakes up again to help with the swelling. I did give her some allergy relief medicine when we got home from the ER. 
I did some "google" research about mosquito bites and home remedies and symptoms... - dude, Google research can get scary!!! So I stopped doing that real fast! The things you can learn from the Internet.

So, I am sure the doctor is right and the swelling will go down and she will be perfectly fine. 
But isn't it a mommy's job to worry? 

I have been praying for my little Braycee girl. That God will restore her to her perfect self. He is our Healer. Isn't it amazing that God is so big but yet intimate that He even cares for our little mosquito bites?! We have an amazing Father!

Still full of smiles!! :) I love my little girl. Today she said, "Bible" "Jesus" "Got it" and if you ask what a sheep says, "BAAAAA". She is about to be 1 1/2 years old and I can not imagine life without her. God truly blessed my family when He gave us Brayce. She is always smiling and is a funny little girl. She is ornery and likes to tell us "No! No!" Mommy has a soft spot in my heart for this kiddo! Maybe it's because she's a mini-me of her Daddy! I kinda like him a little bit too.

Ok, so that was a long post about mosquito bites. BUT if you made it this far, do you have any tricks or tips of treating mosquito bites (that don't include a trip to the ER)? 
What "silly mom" moments have you had?? You can share below in the comments.

Praising Jesus for His continued protection & love on my family.


  1. You are not alone! Anytime one of my girls falls and bumps their head even a little bit I am terrified they got a concusion. I'm afraid they will fall asleep and not wake up, so I watch them like a hawk! I've watched too many Grey's Anatomy episodes where someone comes in with a runny nose or something and finds out they have a brain yeah I'm a little paranoid too!

    1. Tina, this totally cracked me up!!! We had never watched Grey's until a few months ago we got on Netflix and became addicts! We watched 7 seasons in 3 weeks!!! And that is exactly where my mind went! I'm like a swollen forehead that could be fluid on the brain and then they'll have to drill holes into her skull... etc etc. Grey's definitely can make your mind run wild! Glad I'm not alone on this one!!!

  2. I have always gotten really swollen when I get bug bites. Brian and I were outside at the same place for the same short amount of time and I got some 17 bites and he got none. They swell up, turn bright red, and some feel really hard to the touch. That being said, I can usually take benadryl, or just rub some cream on it to stop the itch, but since Brayce doesn't seem itchy, I would put a wet, cold rag (or bag of ice) on it for pain and swelling. Glad she's got a great mom looking out for her!

  3. We rarely visit the doctor. We like to use home remedys and let our bodies heal themselves. So daphne gets big welts from mosquito bites as well. He swelling is more of a allergic reaction than anything. But make a paste out of baking soda and water and put it on the bite and it will reduce the swelling and irritation. Epsom salt is wonderful for any kind of infection

    1. Abby's finger got really infected once and we soaked it in epsom salt water and it pulled out the infection And drained any fluid. No antibiotics needed. :)

    2. I read about baking soda and water on a few different sites! Next time I'm at the store I'm going to get some!!! Thank you for the tips. You are such a great mom!! Next time I run into something I'll be contacting you for home remedy advice!! I need to get your cell #!



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