Aug 15, 2012

Be Active = More Energy

Friday morning I may regret saying this, but it's official... 
working out in the morning is FANTASTIC!!!

I got home at 6:15 and sat around, blogging, FB, etc. so I could cool off and showered. I was too awake to go back to sleep! (at least today I was) Around 8, Kai woke up and her and I watched a little bit of a movie in my bed, snuggling. And then we sent Daddy off to work & Brayce woke up at 9ish and we have been playing nonstop since!

Usually in the mornings I sleep until 9 while Kai watches a movie in my bed (she wakes up around 8) and get up when Brayce wakes up. Then I'm sluggish and smelly from no shower. And I don't have energy and sit around all day. Ok, well that might be slightly exaggerated. I do stuff. I keep my house clean and I play with my kids. BUT today was different. I felt great!!! I feel great!!! 

The girls and I have been playing games, babies, doctor, baby-sitter, sequence, etc. I did get hungry earlier then usual so I made spaghetti! Yum! I made a lot of it because my husband loves left over spaghetti! And if you have a baby you know how fun spaghetti can get! :) We cleaned up and continued to play and then it was time to read a story and I just laid the girls down from a nap.

God is so good. 

Eat healthy. Feel great. Be active. More energy! Sleep. Energized.
Our bodies want us to take care of them. 
Start today!!! Don't wait until tomorrow because tomorrow is never here!

I'm really hoping and praying that I can continue on with going to the gym consistently and eating healthier! I'm also hoping these 8 pounds I gained recently will disappear and then some! So my clothes can start fitting right again and I can feel comfortable in my own skin! I'm already feeling better so that is the encouragement I need to keep going. Health matters! 

Anyways, sorry for the play by play and babbles! I was too excited & happy about already feeling a difference that I had to share!

Here's a few pics from our day today:

Sequence Kids is a fun board game for little ones to play!!! 
Snuggles!!! :)
The girls are getting to such a fun age where they play together so well. It is so fun as a mom to watch their relationship grow! I love having 2 girls and 2 years apart.
Brayce got bit by a mosquito last night and her forehead is swollen today! :(
Annie and Sam! The girls have played babies all day today!! Such good little mommas!
Messy Girl!! :)


  1. yah for energy...and getting so much done! i love it too! :)

  2. this is an awesome post and looks like you had a wonderful day!!!



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