Aug 10, 2012

Lego House Party

My friend, Rachel invited us to a Lego Duplo party she was having through House Party

Rachel applied to be a host for House Party and was accepted and invited all of her friends. Since it was a Lego party she knew the perfect place to have it would be in our church's children's wing! The Lego "Let God" room! 
House party supplied her with coloring pages, stickers, 4 Duplo Read and Build sets and a few other things. Rachel supplied some snacks, including lego jigglers that the kids all loved! 

Kai was being a little shy/anti-social at first (I wonder where she gets that personality trait from?) so the girls and I colored for a little while but it didn't take long for Kairi to warm up and start playing with her friends, tho! Brayce loved all the stickers. "more, more"

Rachel so kindly waited until I was done with my color page :) 
and then she read the book as the kids put together the legos!
This one was about a farmer and his animals.
Today Kai had us playing "Rooster" and we had to wake each other up by cockadoodledoo-ing. :) 
I love kids' imaginations!
I had never seen these little sets before and they were sooooo cute!!! 
We are so excited that we got to take a set home and we can play with it all the time now! 
Payne and Braycee - This picture cracks me up. :)

A group shot of the kids! They had a good time!!!

Thank you Miss Rachel for inviting us to your party!! 

If you haven't heard of House Party before check it out. and they have a facebook page. It is free to sign up and you can apply to be a host for any of their parties! Then if they choose you they send you a box full of supplies to be able to throw a party for you and your friends! Why not right?! :) I just applied for a Fisher Price party. I hope they accept me, or one of my friends in town so the kids can enjoy another house party!

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