Aug 10, 2012


Recently Jonathan's whole family was in town visiting and so it was a perfect time to update the family picture! This is our 3rd time in 5 years! That's pretty good!! 
(*hint hint my family!!! We need to do this!)

Since it's August in Oklahoma no time of the day is nice enough to be outside so we headed up to Jonathan and my studio to all squish in for some group shots! It was a little difficult for Jonathan and me posing everyone, making sure we all fit within the border of the background (yay for white!), being in the picture and being responsible for the camera, too. We were able to set the camera up and have a remote and Jonathan's cousin Stephanie was there to click it for us! Much better then having to run back and forth! I think we might need to invest in a wireless remote for next time!

The kids all did great! I only had to bribe them once with candy! No melt downs and lots of smiles!

I love being a part of this family and love that we all could be together!

Papa w/ his groupies!

Jonathan, Lynda, Caryn, Mike, and Pip

Jonathan's older sister, Caryn is in the US Army and just got back from being deployed and has been stationed in Germany for almost 2 years. We are so glad she is home for a couple weeks! Brayce got to meet her Aunt CC for the first time! 

Jonathan's older brother, Pip's family. 
Amanda and their kids Micah 3 and Edy 4

Our family! :)


  1. I love ya'lls family pictures!! We haven't had a family picture ever and my children are 16 & 10!! But your picture inspired me. I love that you wore your Chuck's. I am totally going to get my family together for a picture and thanks to you we're going to do a shot all Alabama gear'd up!! And the picture with the "Papa" shirts, PRECIOUS!!

    1. Thanks Candi! It's definitely time for you to get some family pictures done!!! :) Just keep it fun and "YOU" and you will love and cherish them forever!

  2. LOVE the last family picture especially!



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