Aug 25, 2012

KEEP CALM and ...

I love my little home. It is cozy and I think it is cute. We have put love and attention into every room besides our bedroom (and one of the bathrooms). I just did not enjoy our master bedroom at all. It was not a room that I enjoyed hanging out in. Other then sleeping that is. 

So a few weeks ago, I was on Pinterest and looking around and told my husband I wanted to redo our bedroom. As soon as he got home from work that day we were headed to the store to pick out paint colors! I got straight to work that night. I started painting at 8 and didn't go to bed until 3 am! The next day I caught the stomach bug that was traveling through my family and could not do anything that that next day. I had gotten a lot done the night before and my wonderful husband worked on it when he got home from work that night. 

The next day I was feeling a little better and my husband and daughter caught the bug! Ugh! This was really getting in the way of our remodel!!! I am a lot like my mother and when I start something I want it to be done NOW. However, my husband has rubbed off on me a lot and projects tend to stretch out farther. 

There are still just a couple things that need done. We are going to be replacing the fan, the curtains are now hung, but need hemmed, and the bathroom walls need painted. I'm wanting to hang a couple more frames on the wall, too. 
But I thought I'd go ahead and share our bedroom remodel!

This room went from being somewhere we never were in (besides sleeping) to being our new hang out room. We love spending husband and wife time together and time as a whole family. I am SO happy with the way the bedroom turned out! It feels like a date night every night we spend time in here!


Ugh! I have not liked those curtains for years!
I hate brown!
It wasn't always this messy. This was in preparation of moving
everything out to paint and redo.
However, it seems like I never cared enough to keep this room looking great.
This is the quilt my husband insisted on we used for 5 years of
marriage. I hated every second of that quilt!


Gray and Yellow!!!

While on Pinterest, I saw a lot of KEEP CALM posters
and thought that might be fun for the wall instead of a headboard.
So I came up with an idea and my husband created it.
We painted all the furniture. Bye Bye Brown!
We went shopping at Target to get new bedding and a few new decorations! It didn't cost as much as I thought, so this whole remodel was done for very little but yet BIG changes. We were able to reuse a lot of things we already had but give them a facelift by using paint!
There is a big gray shag rug on the floor that is so soft and adds so much coziness to the room.

The girls are happy with the new changes!! 

I've always been against a TV in the bedroom, but I have to say I LOVE IT.
We watch movies together or my husband plays his video games.
We've been watching podcast sermons, too. And are patiently waiting for
the next season of Grey's to come on Netflix!
I also moved my computer into the room.

I am so thankful that my husband goes along with my craziness at times and he always wants to do anything to make me happy. I appreciate all the hard work he put into it. 
We both LOVE this room and the time we spend together in it. 


  1. This looks awesome!!! I love the colors! And the poster is AWESOME!!!! :) You guys are tooo cute!!! xoxo.

  2. I love it!! I so need that keep calm poster, it is perfect. Great job!

  3. I love it! The poster is so fun! We are painting every room in our new house and just bought almost the same paint colors for our bedroom tonight :) I'm accenting with teal blue and black!

  4. Thanks ladies!!! We are so happy with it and love hanging out in here now! Tina - we are accenting w/ teal blue too! Only have a couple things but it adds a fun pop!! I was happy w/ the poster. lol, I may be answering some questions when my girls learn to read tho! :)

  5. I love the picture frames! So cute and fun!



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