Aug 11, 2012

Eat Clean Train Dirty

Operation lose 20 pounds is in effect!

I have been battling this 5 pounds for months now. Lose 5, gain 5, lose 5, gain 5... I'm tired of it. I am still 21 pounds from my goal weight, but more then that I do not feel comfortable in my skin, or my clothes. I haven't wanted to dress nicely or even fix my hair. Junk food makes me feel so blah! And I am "fed up" with it!!!
I have been so inconsistent with working out. And I for sure have not been eating healthy. I have been counting calories for a few months now, but have not been staying within my calorie budget. Restricting calories, uh!

So when do you say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!?! I am saying it NOW

Living a healthy life is a lifelong journey! It's not a point or a destination where we reach it and we are finished. We have to continually work at making the right choices and choosing to be active!

Monday I am going to start meeting a couple friends at the gym 3 days a week at 5:15 AM - oh my!!! Why so early?! I can do this! Bedtime just has to be earlier then 2am. I am excited to have an "appointment" time and make working out a priority! But I am even more excited to have some workout buddies!

I have so much to learn when it comes to nutrition! If I really looked at our lifestyle I'd be embarrassed to admit how much fast food is a part of our lives, mainly pizza! And if I want to really succeed and be healthy then that is the #1 thing to have to change. They say nutrition is 70%, the gym is 20% and genetics is 10% of your body image make up. So it's time to put more emphasis on what I put into my mouth. 
I would love to lose the 20 pounds fast and told my husband I could just starve myself for a few weeks! Ha! Ya right!! That's not going to work, and definitely not the healthy way to go! I've done a couple other diets that I've had some success with, but if I am really going to win this battle then it's gotta be health and not a diet. It's time to EAT CLEAN. 
I have some Clean cookbooks and books about eating clean which I need to study and learn as I go. Any tips or recipes are welcomed! I just have to do my best and not quit. The pounds and inches will come off if I stick with this. (That means longer then 3 days in a row!)
I am going to start cooking and making our dinners! Replacing Sonic Blasts with fruits, replacing chips with veggies, and lean meats. Lots of water! 
We are going to allow ourselves one meal a week to go out to eat, but that's the opposite of every meal out to eat besides one! Sadly, I'm probably not exaggerating much!

I am not down on myself or discouraged. I know how far I have come and am proud of that, but there are some habits that never got changed, even though I have lost 70 pounds, I am not finished! 
As of now I don't have an end goal of when the weight needs to be off by- I just want to feel GOOD again! I am going to "eat clean and train dirty"! So you should stick around and cheer me on!!!


  1. I hear ya! I am so proud of your weight loss and I agree with you that at the end you have to "eat clean and train dirty." I loved that.

    Great job on the other diets since they've pushed you to where you are now. SO proud of you!

    1. Thanks Bethany!! You too! You've done amazing and look great!

  2. I learned a lot from reading 7 Pillars of Health, I'd highly recommend that for clean eating. Adam and I have started doing a juice fast once a week...or a 3 day juice fast after traveling. Really helps clean out our system and it's always really rejuvenating. This month my blender broke so next month we are planning on getting a good juicer to help us save money in the juice arena. Once we get a juicer (we are looking at the nutribullet right now??) we are planning on doing a detox inspired by "BluePrint Cleanse" recipes. We've just been buying naked juice and that gets expensive!

    1. Thanks Bethany! I pulled up all the different info in google so I can do some researching on the different juicing options! My best friend juices and definitely recommends it. I like the idea of once a week or after traveling! Whoo traveling can be hard on a body - my diet on a vacation is to eat everything in site! :) And I'm going to look into that book too! Thanks so much! :) How do they taste? Do you like the Naked Juices?

    2. I looove the Naked juices! My favorite is Green machine. I've tried some of the others and they are good too, but I always wish I just went with green machine! And actually if we go to Wal-Mart we get Bolthouse Farms juice, it's about a dollar cheaper and has more vitamins and minerals! They have a Green Goddess juice that I honestly can't tell the difference between that and Naked's green machine. Bolthouse also has a Mocha protein drink that I REALLY like!

    3. So how does your fast once a week work? One day a week you only drink juice w/ no food?

  3. GO KC GO!!!!!! I'm totally learning to much about our new way of eating...let's get together and chat!! play date next week??? we can learn together! :) you seriously rock!!! excited about 5:15am with you! :)

    1. Yes! We will definitely get together and learn together!!! YAY!! This will be so much better w/ accountability and friends to help along the way! I'm excited. I'm free everyday but Friday! So let me know when you guys want to play! Yay for 5:15. I stayed up late one last time before the torture begins! lol 2:25 am guess I am going to have to work on that before Monday! :) You're amazing friend!!!

  4. You are so darn cute on that bike!!! :) That last 20 pounds will be gone in NO time!!!



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