Jul 16, 2012

Wonder Kleenex Game

Today Brayce and I are having some one on one time while Sissy is at her Nonnie's house. We decided to have some craft time. So I went to Pinterest and picked out one thing we could make that I thought Brayce may like! 

We already had all the supplies we needed. An empty kleenex box (yay, for toddlers with runny noses!) and some fabric strips. I got out foam stickers so Brayce could decorate the box while I tied the fabric together into a chain. 

Yelling at me to take the back off to make it sticky!
All tied up. Ready to stuff in the box.
Excited to try out her new game!
1, 2, 3... Here we go!
So proud of herself!!!

Brayce enjoyed decorating the box and liked stuffing the fabric chain back into the box more than pulling it out. One thing I noticed was the chain got tangled up pretty easily and came out clumpy. So maybe a smaller whole on top would help with that! But it was great for her stuffing it back in there. 
Brayce lost interest pretty quickly with her new toy so I'm interested to see if she'll go back to it and play. I'm sure she'll be excited to show her big sis what we made today.
I noticed after making it that the age recommendation is baby to 1 and Brayce is almost 1 1/2 years old. So if you are wanting to try this I recommend for younger babies but to not leave them unattended due to the long chain they could get tangled in. 

So I give this project one thumbs up and that's because we enjoyed making it a lot more than playing with it. Also, because this project cost us $0. 

I'm excited for more fun to be had with using my new super hero powers, uh I mean resource tool - Pinterest!

EDIT: When we got home Brayce had to show Sissy what she had made that day! Kai said she wanted to make a craft too!

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  1. Try using an empty wipe container. If you get the first one pulled out, it might not clump so much because the hole is smaller?



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