Jul 15, 2012

Pin, Re-Pin, Pinterest

I signed up for Pinterest forever ago and really became addicted to it, but it only lasted a couple weeks. I would pin such cute things and ideas and would feel so crafty and organized. That is until I realized all I had accomplished was sitting at my computer for hours pinning!! It's been several several months since I have gotten on Pinterest, but I plan on that changing.
Tonight I was reading one of my favorite new blogs, The Larson Lingo, and was just thinking how cute this family was! I absolutely love her blog. I was reading some old posts and ran across a couple from the spring time where she was celebrating Easter with all these different cute crafts, snacks, and the cutest Easter bunny trail. I was getting envious of this super mom and then she referenced Pinterest! Now, I'm not saying this mom isn't super mom, but she's a super mom with powers... Pinterest powers!
What a crazy idea?! Find things worth pinning and then actually doing them!!!
I went to my Pinterest account and deleted and edited all of my boards until I was almost starting completely over! I was getting excited! I wanted to start completely over so that I would actually do some of these things I pinned.

I am blessed to have this opportunity first of all to be a mother, secondly to be able to stay at home with them. My daughters are 1 and 3 and this is my opportunity to grow them and mold them. To have fun with them, teach them, and spend all my time with them. Mom is #1 right now in their lives and I don't want to waste this opportunity!
Being a mom is my calling from God and a passion of mine. Why would I want to waste it not being the best I could be? Maybe I need super powers!!!
Everyday is a gift from God with my daughters. I want to raise them to be God fearing & faithful women. I want to raise them to be respectable and intelligent. And I think Pinterest is going to help me do this.

LOL, I may be crazy and I'm a little tired so I may not be making sense! But I am excited to start taking more opportunities of my time!

So, I'm off to pin! Crafts, projects, games, etc etc etc. It truly has EVERYTHING!!!

Do you have Pinterest? What are some of your favorite projects or crafts that you have done??

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  1. LOVES me some Pinterest. You are right in that you are very lucky to get to be a stay at home mom. I can't wait to see your finished products! Oh and btw, I have nominated your cute blog for a Liebster Award. All you have to do is go to the link & follow the directions! You rock girlie!



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