Jul 17, 2012


I saw this picture on Pinterest and it stuck out to me. Kairi and Brayce! How 2 kids from the same people can be so different is crazy! They have a lot of similarities but yet, are unique! 

My 3 year old, Kairi is introverted (at least at this age and I realize as she ages her personality will change and grow). However, I am constantly learning who she is and how she responds best. The top list fits her so well. She is a thinker and so when she talks I always try not to interrupt her, even when she's having to think about what she is trying to say. She is shy around new people and likes to observe new things, instead of jumping right in.
Kairi responds very well when we tell her 10 minutes until we are leaving or changing what we are doing. I always try to remember to let her finish what she's doing or give her enough advanced warning instead of just uprooting her from one thing. She, just like me, needs this!
Kairi LOVES to be praised and told she's doing a good job.
When it comes to discipline, she does not like to be yelled at or spanked. (I know, I know, who does? But her behavior is not corrected with these things.) She gets embarrassed easily and her feelings get hurt. If this happens she will run to her room and lay on her bed and cry. 
We have found what works best for Kairi is a sticker chart. She is rewarded a sticker for good behavior and it breaks her heart if she has to take one down because she didn't do something she was told to do.  We have found with her positive reinforcement is the way to go!

Braycee is only 1 1/2. But I can tell she is completely different then her sister. I love watching Brayce grow and her personality come through. She likes to be independent. We are still in the process of teaching Brayce "no, no" and she seems to look at us w/ that Brayce face and do it anyways. Brayce is a little toot. :) Yet, is very laid back and loves to share with her sister. Brayce doesn't like to follow the rules but is a tattle tale! Brayce keeps us laughing!

So I am excited as a mom to grow and learn what works best for Brayce and Kairi. How to love them best and discipline them best. What their specific needs are.

God created us all unique and I hope to always remember that as a mother. I hope not to compare my children's strengths and weaknesses to each other but to encourage them to be the best them that God created them to be. They will have different likes and interests and that's ok. I never want them to feel insecure because one is better at something then they are. 

Children, just like us have love languages and need to be loved the way they understand it best. 
Being a mommy is the most rewarding job but yet, has high responsibilities. I am so thankful God chose me to be these girls' mother. I pray that I raise them up to LOVE GOD and follow His ways always. And to love each other, always. 

What are some ways that you have to parent your children differently? 

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