Jul 10, 2012

Not About Me

7: Day 2 Today my thoughts are about wanting to make sure this journey/experiment is about God and not for myself. As you all know a lot of what consumes me is health, fitness and weight loss. And with the first topic being about food I want to make sure this is not just another diet. This is a FAST... reducing food to give God more room to move in my life. Have you done a fast before? Do you have any advice, suggestions or personal experiences you'd like to share with me? I want to rely on Him for my needs and desires. I want Him to get all the glory. And honestly yes I do want to shed some pounds this month, but I don't want it to be about that. Because its not. So I was thinking abut doing a reading plan along side the 7 project. Maybe I should read the whole Bible. Or do a topical study along side each one of these topics? ... I want to work on my prayer life and communication with God. I want to learn to listen and hear Him speak in my life. I want to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The way to draw closer to Him is to seek Him. Bible & Prayer seem like a good way to go.


  1. I love this post. I really liked the part where you said you wanted to fast to make room for God, what a great way to put it. You know at this point in my life there are several things I think I should be fasting over, but I have to admit I'm afraid. I've never fasted before & I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to do it & then I'd be disappointed in myself....Maybe that's something I need to pray about. Bible & prayer, can't go wrong there. Oh & something else I found that really draws me closer to our Father is to just thank Him throughout the day for little things. You wouldn't believe what a difference that makes, of course you may already be doing this! But just thought I'd share :)

    1. It is hard. I've already messed up so many times. I'm just really trying to incorporate God into my every decision and choice and day... I agree thanking him for the big and small through out the day really helps set our eyes on the right thing - HIM! Great reminder thanks!



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