Jul 9, 2012

Food: my top 7

The first 7 topic -- FOOD. 

Day 1 

I chose my 7 food items that I will be able to eat for 30 days. Yes you read that right. I am only allowed 7 foods during this first month. There weren't any rules listed of x amount of meat or veggies or any restrictions besides only 7 things but I tried to make this doable for me but as healthy as I could stand.  

My list is: 
   Peanut butter 
   Wheat bread 
   Baked potatoes 
   Cereal - honey bunches and oats 
   Skim milk (in my cereal) 

Yes there is no meats listed in my list. I am not a meat eater, especially dry kind without any condiments and I didn't want to have to choose ketchup as a food item.  So we will see if this was a good list. I prayed about it and felt ok about my choices... so here we go!  

I will be going through this book with my Bible study group of ladies and we will get together 2x a month to discuss our experiences. (I will not be sharing their experiences on my blog unless i ask for permission from them.) We met tonight to discuss our plans of the book study and I think we decided there are no rules and adapting the book to fit your life was ok. I'm not sure how many of the ladies will be choosing 7 food items but I am excited for when we meet to get to hear about how God is moving in their lives through 7. 

So day 1! We decided this morning that we would start Now! Jonathan is going to do this with me - I love how we do everything together! We decided to start today because I didn't want another "last supper" where I stuff myself all day with junk. Diets always start tomorrow.  

Today went well without hiccups. Plus I ate so much yesterday I was still full. Ugh! I had a couple bowls of cereal, 2 bananas and a peanut butter sandwich. It was actually refreshing to not have any desserts or go over my calorie goal.  
So 1 day down 29 to go. I am excited to see what God is going to teach me through this. 

 I did have a spiritual ah ha moment about this 7 experiment. This is NOT ABOUT ME! No! It is all about HIM. I am not giving up foods to better my health or waist size (although that'd be nice) and I'm not restricting to gain power over food. I am intentionally reducing to get more of Him in my life. Less of me and more of him. It's like if my stomach is so full of food all the time how can I have room in my heart and soul for the Holy Spirit? 

In the book the author Jen says, "this is a fast, a major reduction of the endless possibilities that accompany my every meal. It is supposed to be uncomfortable and inconvient... The discomfort creates space for the Holy Spirit to move... I will reduce, so He can increase.

So yes I am excited about this first topic and I am very excited this is where she chose to start. Food is something we deal with every day and all day long! I am excited to continue learning how to depend on Him instead of food but above all I hope it brings glory to His name.  
I am opening up an opportunity for God to teach me, mold me and change me into who He wants me to be! And I am looking for opportunities to share Him with others!  

Thank you for joining me on this journey. If you have any questions then just leave me a comment or if you just want to cheer me on I'll take that! ...

"The point of emptiness is to get ourselves out of the at so that Christ can fill us up."

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  1. i'm seriously contemplating going with 7 foods.talking to eric about it tonight-since payne can only eat about 7 foods-it may be pretty easy-i'll let you know tomorrow :) off to read more- :)



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