Jul 11, 2012

A bit Jealous but Inspired

Tonight I was wanting to find some creative ideas and what better place to look than Pinterest. I hadn't been on in months and months and great I'm probably addicted again! But as I was {re}pinning things I ran across a blog that I fell in love with. The Larson Lingo Blog 
It is so fun and creative, yet everyday life. She talks about her family which I love to do but in a way that makes you want to be a part because they are so happy. She lets you in on their lives to where you feel like you know them but obviously in a safe way. 
I love all of her blog post topics which I plan on taking a few. :) [Credit will be given to her!] But I think what I love the most is her use of pictures - which I obviously love taking pics especially of my girls. But I usually just have my iPhone or my point & shoot - which I love both of these and they are so convenient and take good pictures, but I have 2 very nice professional cameras sitting in their camera bags waiting for me to use them on someone else's family and children. 
Why wouldn't I give my girls the best I can?!

My goal is to carry my (canon dslr) camera with me. Not only for the special trips (which I don't even do anymore) but in everyday life.

2 reasons, er.. excuses I don't carry my camera:
1. It's heavy and bulky & takes up space when I already have my purse, diaper bag, and a few other bags with me even for a trip into town to the store.
2. I am embarrassed... I don't want people to think because I do photography that I think I am showing off w/ my camera or probably a better description is I don't want them to see the pictures and think what?! That's what they look like she's not very good. Before we were "professional photographers" I carried my camera with me everywhere! But I quickly grew self-conscious!
 But I'm done with the excuses... Plus, I have a very, very cute Vera Bradley camera bag (an amazing mother's day gift from my FIL) that deserves to be carried around! 

If you read this, I'm giving you permission to keep me accountable to carry my camera and to use it. (However, I am going to change the lens to one of the smaller lens' for portability and weight.)  I love documenting my family's life with pictures and I'm excited to (try) to do it better. 
I have to say thank you to this blogger for sharing her life with readers/strangers and for being an inspiration by being herself. I love blogging but am excited to put some work and effort into being better at it. 
Not only was I inspired to put more effort into and be better at blogging but it was another great reminder of being intentional DAILY as a mother and wife. Which is ALWAYS a great reminder!

Time for my creativity to come to life. 

 Do you have any favorite blogs that inspire, encourage, or entertain you?

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  1. Ok I would carry it just BECAUSE of the bag, it is gorgeous!!



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