Jul 15, 2012

Living on a Lake

There are perks of living in a town on a lake...

We live just down the road from the lake!
Walking from our house to Papa's boat!
Special memories are being made!
Brayce is my lake rat!
Pretty Sis loves swimming!
Papa's got Braycee!
We love Papa's boat! and swimming in the Lake!
He's my best friend!!!
And my love!
wild crazy hair and still beautiful
Trying out our new bike trailer for the first time!
Brayce gave it 2 thumbs up!! We went 5 miles and she only
whined when she dropped her bunny fish snacks.
Sissy stayed the night w/ Nonnie & Papa so this little girl
enjoyed a night of one on one time w/ Mommy & Daddy!
She brings so much happiness to our lives!

What is special about the town you live in? What are your favorite activities to do in your city?

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