Jul 15, 2012

Let His Good be My Good

So it's been almost a week and you want to know what's going on with 7??
    (click here and here to find out what 7 is all about.)

How am I doing? Well, I've been quiet about it so that should tell you something. I am here to confess. 7 is easy. What easy!? Yes, 7 is easy to quit.

This morning I opened the fridge and noticed I was out of milk. No cereal. Well, that's ok my church serves donuts. I'll just have one this morning. It'll be ok... 
When I arrived at COS there were no daylight donuts, just the Walmart ones. Yuck... Then my husband walks up and says he wants to follow 7 again.
We did great Monday through Thursday afternoon. Then we went out of town on a date. Well what do you do on a date and when you go out of town? You eat - or at least I do. After you eat and get off track, what do you do? Promise yourself that you are back on track. Then what do you do? Cheat again. Once a cheater always a cheater? Thats probably a topic for another time. So what have we been doing since Thursday night? Eating whatever we want. We've been staying on our calorie budget (pretty much.. kinda) but not sticking with 7. 

Drifting is natural. However when we allow ourselves to drift, we lose the ability to resist. 

Today at COS (church) Pastor Mike had an amazing sermon that hit me hard and related to my life right now. I am tempted to just copy and paste my notes but I'm going to encourage you to watch it yourself and make your own notes. You won't regret it. Sermons are posted on Tuesday or are live on Sunday at 11. {www.facebook.com/grovecos

Anyways, I am going to use my notes here and let you know how God moved in me today... 

Don't stop short and don't drift away. 
My husband and I are self proclaimed 3/4ths type of people. We are good at starting things. It's the finishing we aren't so good at. Is it like that for most people? Easier to start than finish? Why is that? 

We love to buy books. We have a lot of books. And we read them. Well, we read the first few chapters at least. We have so many unfinished books... Anyone a Twilight fan? Me neither... But I bought the series when it came out and started reading. Pretty good, went through the first one and started the second. I read that one too. Then on to book 3, I read a third of it and stopped. I had 2/3rds of a book left to read to finish the series and I have no idea what happened to Bella and Edward and I am ok with that. But maybe that's the problem. I am ok with not finishing things. Getting close and quitting. Sure the Twilight saga is meaningless but stopping short means something. 

Jesus Christ did not stop short for me. He did not go 75% and decide that was close enough, good enough. 75% is NOT good enough. When we stop at 75% we quit before Gods best. We allow the world's worst to be a temptation and a pain in our sides. 

Why settle for _____ when ____ is right over the hill? 
What are you searching for? What goals do you have? What are you giving up when you decide that you are close enough? Are you willing to sacrifice God's best? For the worlds worst?  God allows us to drift and to stop short and He allows us to have the consequences of those choices. While drifting is natural it is preventable. We have to ANCHOR ourselves in a personal relationship with God daily.  God cares. God cares about every single thing in our lives. How we live our everyday reflects how BIG we think our God is. I have a hard time remembering that God wants to be a part of ALL of me. I think my stuff/life is too small for Him or my wants and issues are petty. But that's not true!  I want God to not only be a part of every area big or small but to be the reason of it all. Jesus didn't stop short for me!! I have to remember what He did for me, what He did for us! I have to do this daily and intentionallyWhen our relationship is right with our Lord, then we have God's BEST. We can be who God has created us to be. We can be the BEST and not settle for the world's worst.  So when we are tired of fighting the battle and want to give up and rest. Remember to finish strong. God's BEST is worth fighting for! He will be there to give us peace. We must never allow 75% to be good enough.

So how does that all relate with ME in my life right now and what does it have to do with 7? 

Well, one problem I was having with 7 was it just felt like another diet to me. I didn't want it to be about that. Since I've been on my weight loss journey for 2 1/2 years and overweight for the past 10+, I have tried all sorts of different diets. But this is about being intentional daily in growing in my personal relationship with Christ... about feeding my relationship with Christ, not my stomach. Praying, reading my Bible, recognizing who He is and what He has done, remember my past and forgiveness through Christ. 
I am going to try my best to stay within the guidelines of "7", but it's going to be hard and I will probably mess up. But what I'm going to be even more intentional about is reading my Bible, praising my Lord, and standing in awe of who He is. I have spent so much time getting down on myself about eating something out of line, yet I haven't given a second thought of not picking up my Bible! I had it all wrong!

Something that Pastor Mike said today explained God's love for us so perfectly...
"No matter what - God tirelessly pursues me." 

Love God. Love one another.

Thank you Mike and COS for doing what God has called you to do. Reach, teach, and preach & Love. Making Ethan's into Philip's! God you are so good!! He knew exactly what my heart needed to hear today. 

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