Jul 30, 2012

Health Doesn't Take a Vacation...

Health doesn't take a vacation... or does it?

I recently read on a friends' status update that healthy choices don't take a vacation and I loved that! Because I was about to take a vacation and knew that was a great thing to remember on my vacation. I had pretty good intentions before heading out to keep that motto for the week. That is until the car was packed and we were on our way!
What is it about being in the car that makes you want to eat? Every gas station you fill your car up w/ gas you think you need to fill your stomach up w/ junk? Chips, corn nuts, candy bars, icees... This isn't only me that does this is it?!
Then stopping for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all at fast food places... oh my! That status update was not enough to keep me on track.

So this week I ate and ate. I did not watch my portions and this is the first week in 4 months that I did not count my calories. Tomorrow morning I will be stepping on the scale for the first time in 10 days but I already know what it will say. There will be a big increase because I can tell it in the way my clothes fit, er don't fit. And the way I feel. I am sluggish and bloated.

So I definitely gave my "healthy choices" a vacation. I am not happy with that, but I am also not going to beat myself up over this. I am going to let it motivate me and encourage me to get back on track and continue on!

Healthy choices are a lifestyle. This is not something I am doing until I reach a certain goal or # on the scale. Healthy living is for the rest of my life. The way I eat and my activity level is forever. I have to learn to be consistent and where this is a natural way of living. The old habits of the gas station fueling my body has to go to the curb. But I am working on that and probably will always have to. And that's ok. Just have to keep going!!

I tried to lose weight for years. My husband and I tried together a few different times and every time we discussed it I would just roll my eyes because I knew it was going to be another failed attempt... "debbie downer! negative nancy!" Call me what you want, but I knew how it worked! A couple weeks of doing awesome and losing a couple pounds then life happens and the twinkies win!
But this time, it became a life time decision. Am I where I want to be? No! But I am on my way. No, I'm not talking about a # or a size. But I am talking about discipline, eating habits, and consistency.

I am heading back to the gym and focusing on increasing and improving my running! I have my first 10k race coming up in a couple weeks and I am not ready. Yes, I could probably go out and do it but it would be ugly. (Even though the longest I have ever ran is 5 miles and I only did that one time.) This 10k is coming at a great time because races are so encouraging and motivating! If you are trying to make healthy decisions and live a healthy lifestyle attend a race! Push yourself and let others encourage you!!! It's amazing!

Anyways, I know I am rambling but oh well! It's late and I'm tired! I need to recover from vacation.

Even when we make mistakes or take 2 steps backwards that's ok. Just never quit. I'm getting back in gear and hopefully better than ever! - There will be those days that I "accidently" order pizza at 10 pm and a bowl of ice cream. But there will be a lot more of the days where I am at the gym and staying w/ healthy portion sizes!

I am trying to come up with some new goals or refocus my old goals. Any suggestions?


  1. Eating while traveling is ROUGH! I'm a gas station junky too :)

  2. Today is a new day.wanna chat about goals? I'm a great cheerleader!! I'm going to the gym tomorrow night to work out...what 10k are you doing???

    1. Rachel! Would love to talk to you about health and fitness! I could use a cheerleader - or a pusher! :) We are doing the 10k in Joplin this Saturday - Blue Moon I think.

  3. Today is a new day.wanna chat about goals? I'm a great cheerleader!! I'm going to the gym tomorrow night to work out...what 10k are you doing???



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