Jul 30, 2012

Did You Miss Me

Oklahoma has been experiencing some EXTREME HEAT! And I can happily say last week, my family and I escaped it!!! 
We traveled 14 hours west (yes, I just said in my head "Never. Eat. Soggy. Waffles.") to the mountains to a little town in New Mexico... Red River. The highs were in the 70s and at night the weather would get down to the 40s. LOVE!
My family has been vacationing there since 1985; I was 1 on my first visit. And this year, I got to take my 1 year old! How neat!!!
If you are looking for somewhere to relax and enjoy family time, cool weather, and beautiful mountains - I highly recommend it. We took off for a week and all 16 of us stayed in a condo together... 8 adults. 8 kids (all under 8 years old). My parents, and 2 sisters' families, and my family. It is getting to be a tight fit! Each family gets their own room, luckily their was 3 bathrooms and we share the living room! The theme of this place was STAIRS! 4 stories = 3 flights of stairs. It was just missing a backyard to let the kids lose in!
One of our favorite things to do this year was biking around town! We will definitely travel with our bikes from now on whenever possible. Skating is always a favorite and so is playing at the park. We rented little scooter things which Brayce absolutely loved. She couldn't get enough and held onto her helmet when we tried to take it off yelling GOOO!! In the evenings we played games and cards.
We played BINGO one evening, even though we never win. And this year it rained a lot, so movie in the mountains got moved inside but we still made some cars for the drive in!
The river runs all the way through town and is ice cold, but that does not stop the kids from playing in it. My girls LOVED every second of playing with their "friends" (cousins). Kai and Lily are both 3 and they were best friends all week. They play together so well, it is adorable! My 6 year old niece is so nurturing and sweet; she took care of the younger kids and made sure Brayce was ok at all times! Brayce couldn't get enough of her buddy Josh!
On vacation we share responsibilities of cooking meals every day and my mom makes breakfast every morning. And boy did we eat. And eat. And eat... Wow! by the end of the week my clothes were a lot tighter!!! It's probably a good thing vacation had to come to an end...
Our family has grown - a lot, but we have always made it a point to take the time to get together and enjoy FAMILY time. As families grow it gets harder and harder to get together and life gets busy! But I am thankful for my family even though I don't get to see them as often as I would like. I am so thankful for the time we do spend together!
No matter where we are or when it is, I hope and pray that we can always make time for each other.

We got home tonight around 10 and I was so tired that I only put away half of the dishes in the dishwasher! But yet, I made sure to blog, go through the pictures, and upload to Facebook. Life is all about Priorities! :)

I took 1200+ pics on vacation and so picking a few favorites is quite impossible!! But here are a few from our trip!

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