Jun 15, 2012

Surprise Ruiner

Happy Father's Day, Daddy! :)

Enjoying our Friday afternoon as a family

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My husband and I have to be the worst secret keeper ever - when it comes to each other! We can NOT surprise one another! I was so excited to surprise him for Father's day! I knew I was going to do it this time. I wasn't going to buy his gift early because I would end up giving it to him so I figured Sunday morning I would run to Wal-Mart to buy his gift and he would be 100% surprised. I was sooooo excited. Well here it is Friday and he has his gift! :)
Last night we were watching Grey's when he gets a text message. I asked who it was from and it was from someone asking about his ipad for sale! WHAT?! He posted on FB that he was selling his ipad so he could upgrade. Errrrr.... we have been talking about this for a couple months now and I kept telling him to sell it so he could buy a new one but he did nothing about it. So I figured I could buy him a new one and then he could sell his old one! But the little stinker posts it 2 nights before I'm going to surprise him with a new one. Hello, Surprise Ruiner!!!
He thought I was mad for posting it without telling me and would not let it go... until I told him Happy Father's Day = iPad 3! He couldn't quit smiling and yes he actually jumped up and down! :) 
Even though the surprise was ruined, he was totally excited and today we all went to the store together to get it. He hasn't put it down yet! :)

Spoiling Daddy with an iPad 3 because he spoils us daily
I love my husband, my baby's daddy!

I am so thankful that we are able to spoil each other with gifts and love. He is the best father and husband and is a tech geek so this was the perfect gift. He knows how much his girls LOVE him!!!

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