May 2, 2012

Skinny Jeans

My diet is going great! I am loving the low calorie combination diet. (HCG/Daniel Fast) My weekly weigh in will be on Friday though so I'll post again then! But it's going well! I am still using MyFitnessPal and I have tracked everyday for 48 days so far! :)

Last night I found some jeans for a steal! I couldn't pass them up but I was torn on what size to buy! I didn't want to get some and then they be too big in a month (which is what I just did with the last pair I bought). I am currently wearing a 12 but they are getting loose and my goal size will be an 8/10. So I did it. I ordered my FINAL ULTIMATE GOAL size jeans! My "skinny" jeans that I have been looking forward to since I started my journey! I can't wait to receive them in the mail and see how much further until I am "there"!!! This has motivated me so much! Part of me keeps telling myself "ya right KC, an 8! You're delusional!" The other part says "let's kick some butt!" So we shall see!!!!
Do you guys think it helps to have a goal? Or have you had "goal jeans" or clothes?

A couple weeks ago, I found a couple 20 minute work out DVDs on Amazon. I thought those would be great to have at the house for during the day when I had a few minutes I could just pop it in. Well today I tried the TurboFire Greatest HIIT's. I LOVED it!!! 
The leader was so fun and energetic and upbeat. It was almost like a dance wokrout but it wasn't. But what I mean by that is you're having fun doing it you don't realize you're working your butt off sweating! 

Kai did it with me and Brayce joined in at the end too! It was short enough the girls weren't bored and trying to take me away from it. They were able to be entertained by it. Kai even went to change her outfit to look like them! :) But it was long enough that I was sweating and my heartbeat was up. I could fill it in my legs, arms, and abs when I was finished. I am VERY excited about this and plan on doing it A LOT when I'm home!!! Who's going to keep me accountable to that?! "Get off FB and do a work out!" :)

It wore the girls out! lol :)

So buying those jeans definitely motivated me to get active! I have let it slack a bit since getting sick a couple weeks ago. It's so easy to get out of habit! BUT I am BACK!!! I'm going to the gym in a couple hours and starting Bridge into 10k! A 6 week program to get me from running a 5k (3.1 miles) to a 10k (6.2 miles). :) And Jonathan told me some quote that Will Smith said and I liked it... can't quote it now but basically I may not be faster but I will outwork you. I will NOT get off of this until I have completed my goal. So today my goal is to do the entire Day 1 program. It is warm up 5 minutes, run 10, walk 1 and repeat 4 times and cool down 5. I will not get off of that treadmill even if I'm crawling until I have finished. #determined

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