May 4, 2012

I want Answers...

I think we finally have some answers to Kairi's knee pain!!!!!! This puts a smile in my heart. It's the worse when you have a child that is hurting and you can't take it away!

So here's a little backstory of Kai's walking:
Kairi started walking when she was 10 months old and was an immediate pro!! Grass, barefoot, shoes it didn't matter. It wasn't long before she was running!
This was the first time Kai walked!! Jan 2010
Um, the pants were pulled up like that so she wouldn't
trip! LOL. She'll appreciate this someday! :)

Well it wasn't long after that I kept saying that I thought she had a bend to her legs, and that her ankles rolled in, and when she ran she would kick her left leg out. At her doctor check up I asked the doctor about it and he said it was fine without doing anything. But I would just watch her walk and always nudge my husband and say see I think she walks differently. But we would have a doctor appointment for something else and I would bring it up and it would get excused again. When Kai was almost 2 we went to another doctor and I asked him about it and he had her walk down the hallway and he felt her legs and hips and said she was fine. Then again at another doctor same situation.

Kai's 1st birthday party
Kai 2010
Kai's legs 2011
Kai November 2011

Then about a year ago when she was 2 she started complaining about knee pain. At first we thought growing pains or she was trying to prolong bedtime. But then we could tell this pain was real. It hurt. :(  
So now my girl is 3, and so we asked our new doctor about these knee pains. She ran a lab test that showed a vitamin d deficiency which causes pain in bones. I thought this was our answer. We started vitamin d supplements 6 weeks ago and the knee pain hadn't improved. 
I had questions and I wanted answers. You mommas know what I mean out there. When we think something is up with our child - we usually know. God placed a special connection between mommies and her babies! Trust that intuition!

So I set up another appointment just to talk to the doctor about Kairi's almost nightly knee pains. We had to wait a month but today was her appointment. I told the doctor the supplements event helping w the knee pain and so she really started looking at Kairi's legs and feeling them asking specifically where it hurts her etc. she had called a pediatrician friend who said they usually dont do anything for children's leg pains due to their rapid growth. But we mentioned to her that I had always wondered if Kairi was "knock kneed" or bow legged and we told her about Kairi's walking etc and so the doctor had kairi stand up again and walk again.
And then here came our answer.... Kairi has flat feet!! (just like her flat footed daddy)
I truly appreciate our doctor and her view and practice on medicine and treating her patients. For finding answers and fixing the actual problem not just the symptoms! She is a blessing from God!!
And then she explained exactly how flat feet effects all the muscles in the legs.
Kai April 2012
Since her feet are flat her ankles roll in putting a strain there causing the knees to come together closer and which causes the quad muscle to adapt and strengthen to be able to pull the knees apart and support them. But that keeps the muscle in the inside of her knee weak and strained.
Causing --- KNEE PAIN!  
So we have our answer ... Now what? What do we do? ... She probably will not outgrow this but her body will adapt to support her walking. But we can help with the pain by having her wear supportive shoes. Whenever we are going to be walking around much like at the zoo or the mall we will have her wear her tennis shoes and probably for a little bit each day. She said her legs and feet didn't look like a severe case that would need surgery but we would keep an eye on it and know what to watch. 
I looked online tonight and found some insoles for little kids and can't wait to receive them and see if this helps!

Momma's (and daddy's) don't give up on pursuing until you get answers!!! I am thankful to our Lord that this was "all it was" and that we were able to catch it and know what to watch for. 
God is good for keeping my Kairi safe and healthy. 


  1. glad you have an answer!!!! Way to go mama! :)

  2. glad you have an answer!!!! Way to go mama! :)



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