Apr 30, 2012

The Tree Man


Can you tell a difference?

Since deciding not to sell our house but to live in it and make it HOME we have a list of home improvements we want to get done. And one that is on the top of my priority list is for the back yard to be nice enough for the girls and me to go outside and play in! - If you know anything about me I am TERRIFIED of anything creepy and crawling or flying or... ok BUGS and the outdoors is just not my thing. 
So we worked on a few projects ourselves... spraying for bugs, fixing the fence, the flower beds, but called in a professional for these TREES!!!

We were sooooo pleased with the work this man and his wife did. The nicest people too! He trimmed 6 of our trees and removed another one of them! There was sooo much brush and so many limbs that they hauled away, having to make 2 trips w/ their big trailer. They cut the trees into a "canopy". Knocking off the bottom 6 branches or so about 25 feet in the air of each tree. 
(We have 3 more trees in the back of the yard that still need to be done but decided to wait until the fall for those.)

Here are some after shots of the yard:

There used to be another tree right by the house and it is GONE!!!

NO more limbs over the house!

We can safely park our cars in our driveway now! Anytime there was wind or storms we worried about our cars being there due to that huge tree and all the branches that hung over the cars and the house!

Not only did this remove soooooo much brush/leaves/limbs etc. I'm hoping this helps with the wildlife in our yard at least a little bit! We now have sunshine coming through and hopefully can get the grass to grow better! 
We really feel it helps our house "pop" and frames it sooo nicely. We feel like it added some much needed curb appeal! What do you think? 

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