May 15, 2012

Let's Meet in the Middle

My parents live 4 hours away and during a recent e-mail I said we should meet in the city that is close to half way for both of us. We picked out a date and my parents suggested we stay the night in a hotel to swim and play! The girls and I looked forward to it for a couple weeks until it was time to go! 
We had such a good time. It was a special time for the girls to get to spend time with their Mimi and Pop! Kairi just adores them and had a blast with all the attention she got! 
Thank you Mom and Dad for taking the time to come and play with us!! We appreciate and LOVE you!

Swimming at the hotel!

Mimi and Pop!

We were going to go to the baseball game but
due to the rain we went shopping instead! :)

Bedtime cuddles and snuggles!!
We headed to the ZOO on Saturday!
Pop, Mimi, and the girls!

my family!

I was glad to celebrate Mother's Day w/ my mom and my girls!
The one I call mom w/ the ones that call me mom!

The girls LOVED the zoo!

When we got home we surprised the girls with their new

Sisters trying to decide on a radio station!

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