May 17, 2012


Sometimes being a homeowner can be quite an experience. Lots of stress, money, and responsibility is involved. I think there are benefits too... I think. :)

Projects, projects, projects... I was cleaning the shower a couple nights ago and found some mold YUCK! So we get to tear out tiles, replace sheetrock and get a new tub surround and flooring! And this is in the bathroom we weren't going to have to redo. So now we get to do both! 

Last night when I got home I noticed the railroad tie in our yard looked dirty so I looked into it a little more and feared what it was... :/ When the hubby got home he did some further looking and researching and we have carpenter ants. Oh yay!.... God is in control is all I can say. 
My husband spent 3 hours last night making ant traps and spent several hours today spraying the house  because PTL they are not in our house so we are forming a barricade to keep them out! He called a pest control and they are coming Monday to spray and get rid of these awful things and find the nest! My husband is going to be clearing out the yard of all the railroad times and the brush piles behind our fence. I have such an amazing hard working husband and an amazing father in law that is going to help. :) I am blessed and grateful.

We have a leak in our roof and had several people come out to give us estimates and we decided to go with one. I called to tell them but then they never called me back. (this was 3 weeks ago) Today at 7:25 our doorbell rings and we look outside, there are trucks with shingles and other roofing stuff saying they are ready to work! Oh! Ok. I'm glad to get it done but wow, wasn't expecting that today... :)

Needless to say, I went to Lowe's today and got a refund for the countertops. Those will be put off until a later date! 

I've been telling myself all week that God is in control and His timing is perfect.

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