May 7, 2012

Bye Bye Scale!

I set a MILES goal for myself this week. I have to run 10 miles! I don't only want to meet my goal, I want to smash it! :) Today we went to the gym and I really just wanted to have a good run. I had been stressed all day and was excited to use running as a stress reliever instead of diving into some chocolate or ice cream! Well, with running it is so important to stay consistent and well I definitely have not been lately! But I had a great run, no not great on time. But I felt good, mentally and physically and I was stress free when I was finished! So 3.12 miles down 7 to go! 

Well not for good, but I have decided (with discipline & my hubby hiding the scale) to only weigh in once a week. So I can stay on track without obsessing! 

I was reading ALL*YOU magazine today and I saw this and thought it was genius.
When I go out to eat and splurge it's because I'm craving a cheeseburger but what do you have to get with that the fries and douse it all with ketchup! Calories, Calories, Calories! 
I love the idea to "giving into" your craving but yet pairing it with a healthier option. 
Another definite thing when giving into cravings is to do small portions! Usually just a bite will satisfy!

I have went off the HCG/Daniel Fast and I have been a little scared about increasing my food intake back to a normal daily goal. I don't want to gain weight. BUT that's another reason I am glad I went ahead and got off of it. Eating does not make you fat. Eating too much of the wrong things and having no activity and being lazy got me to where I was. So I can not be scared of food. Yet, I can't go wild. I still have a goal to meet but I am excited to get there even if it takes 6 months to lose this last 15ish or so pounds. But I'd rather it just take 6 weeks not months! ;)


  1. Kc. I loved the way you said "eating does not make you fat..." And that you don't need to fear food. this is brilliant.



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