May 8, 2012

Turtles & Mother's Day

We love our Tuesdays. They are filled with fun activities for the girls!!!
Story time is at the Library at 10 and eventhough we always sleep in too late and have to rush to get ready and walk in 5 minutes late we are always glad we go! :) 

The girls learning about Turtles and Mother's Day while eating a snack!

I LOVE being a momma! We have fun together!

Sometimes this is the best you can do! :)

Kai is always glad to see her BFF Hannah!

The girls filling up their baskets with books!

After story time we spend about 45 minutes in the library picking out books, playing on the stage with puzzles and puppets. The girls enjoy the computers and playing with their friends. 

We also were given a list of the Library Summer Reading Program and all the fun activities they have planned for this summer! I am going to be hanging that on the fridge so we won't miss out on all the fun!

Today after story time we went to the local YMCA and signed Kairi up for swimming lessons! They aren't until the middle of June but she is SO excited and so am I. I love that we are able to do fun things like these for the girls! Brayce will have to wait until she gets a little bigger but that's ok!

Then we get to meet daddy for lunch! Today we went to Pizza Hut and oh my! I should be stuffed for a week! Oops! I will definitely be going for a run later today! Buffets are evil! :)

And of course, when we got home my package of new clothes were here! I tried them on (bad idea after a buffet of pizza) but oh my I am more motivated than ever to work hard and get my butt in my new jeans! :) I love them but I definitely have some work to do!

Now the girls are napping and then we have gymnastics and will all go out for a run tonight! I love my life and my family. I think doing activities together are the best! What are some activities in your town that you like to do with your kids and as a family? We will be looking for lots of things to do this summer to stay cool and busy! :)

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