Apr 29, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Friday we had to go to pick up Jonathan's car that we had painted so we decided to go to take the girls to a baseball game too. We had a great day as a family! I always have a great day when we are all together! 

MAACO did a great job with the car! I am so glad we got this done, I just wish we would've done it years ago! 
(About 5 years ago my husband hit a deer with his car on his way to school and some members of the church raised some money to help us fix it but we never got the hood and bumper fixed. Until now!)

We had a little bit of time to kill inbetween getting the car and the game so we stopped by a Wal-Mart that was on the way. Look what the girls found!! They LOVED it and seriously how cute?! But no we didn't buy it. But started the search for a used one!

When we got to the game, it was sold out but they were still selling tickets for the lawn!
They turned out to be great for the girls (other than Brayce doesn't like grass) and we didn't come prepared with a blanket but the girls loved it and we had a great time just hanging out! Plus it was only $10 for my whole family to get in! That's pretty good!

The first stop we had to make was Kai wanted a hat like her daddy!! And then Jonathan thought they needed popcorn too! :) Spoiled, just the way they should be!

hanging with my girls!

Put me in coach!!! :)
We brought her glove and she absolutely enjoyed the game! She didn't get bored once. I think the lawn was perfect because she was doing front rolls and could go up to the fence to see better! Only problem was the banners on the fence (by the bull pen) make it hard to see if you don't set further back.

After the game we stuck around so we could see the fireworks! It took them awhile to set them up but we are glad we stayed. It was a 20 minute show and was really cool! 

She was "trying to catch the fireworks". 

We didn't get done with the fireworks until 10:30 so the girls were worn out and fell asleep on the way home. 
This was a special moment for me. On the drive home I looked back and saw my precious girls in the backseat and I remember as a newly wed when we would travel in Jonathan's car I would look to the back seat and say... "Some day we are going to have a carseat and a child in there." And I looked forward to this so much! 
And now look at the blessings God has poured into my life!! 2 beautiful, sweet daughters that I love with all my heart! God is sooo good!

We had a great night and I truly treasure our family date nights. If you haven't been out to a baseball game take your family. It is such a fun time for all!


I had text my oldest sister, Meg asking her when she went to the JBF (Just Between Friends) Sale if she would look for a Barbie Jeep. She text me the next night and said they had one!! We said GET IT!!! :)  (I know who to ask when looking for something, my sis is a pro!) 
So my girls don't know about this and I can't wait to go to my sisters so I can bring it home for them! They are going to be sooooooo excited!!! :)

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