Apr 28, 2012

Rules were made to be broken

Day 2 of HCG journey Ok today I was miserable. And who wants to live like that?! Not me! I was hungry but worse I was nauseas all day! I was ready to quit! The problem with me doing HCG is I don't like meat or vegetables or Melba toast. So uh... That really limits me on this plan. I felt sick all day and had no energy because I was not following the meal plan. (Usually w the hcg drops you shouldn't feel like this and I doubt most people do that eat what is allowed.) my problem is I would rather not eat anything than be sick eating what's allowed.  So I have devised a plan and am going to test it out to see if it works.  Before doing the HCG diet last November we did the Daniel Fast for a couple weeks. So I have decided to try a combo of the 2 - it may not work but I am willing to try!  So w my modified diet - a day of food will include a low calorie diet w toast, peanut butter, fruit, and spaghetti. Occasionally rice cakes, chicken, vegetables, and cottage cheese. And I will be taking a daily vitamin and the omni drops. No dairy or sugars. Along w a lot of other "No's". The omni drops have an appetite suppressor and also you use the stores abnormal fat in your body as energy. That's why you only eat the low amount of calories your body is eating itself! My husband is helping me be accountable to this but also this low calorie diet is only for a temporary time and should not be done with out the omni drops. When done with this and I am in maintenance phase I plan on eating the healthy amount for my weight and size. I am not starving myself.  A friend of my wrote a blog post tonight. (http://www.fabandhunk.com/2012/04/i-started-omni-today.html?m=1) and she has decided to do the omni drops today! Her sister and brother in law have had great success w them and that's who I got the drops from. (http://omnidrops.blogspot.com/?m=1) But in her blog I loved what she said. You see I was tempted not to write on my blog about doing this diet. I didn't want people to disapprove but also I didn't want to disappoint people. I have had people tell me how proud of me they are that I was losing weight the "hard way" or the "right way". And I do agree with that. Diet and exercise is the only way to have lasting success. There is no point of doing a "quick fix" if you didn't fix the core problem. Well believe me this is still hard work it's just quicker results. :) I am so tired of my battle w weight loss and am anxious to start focusing on living a healthy lifestyle and being an active person. I have learned so much these past 2.5 years of changing our lifestyles and I have so much more to learn!  But I have gone from 226 to 163 in this time. With lots of trials and errors. Hard work and sweat. And disciplines and rules and restrictions.   My goal is not to be a size 2 it is to not be overweight anymore. And for my height and gender that means I need to weigh 145. So that is my goal. 18 pounds away from goal.  So I hope to still encourage and inspire and definitely not disappoint anyone. I hope to still have support and encouragement from others to reach my goal.  I hope you will still want to be a part of my journey. That's why I decided I couldn't hide what I was doing. If I didn't think there was anything wrong w it then there was no need to hide. I am making this choice for ME. And that's a good feeling.  If you have any questions please contact me I'd love to answer them or point you in the right direction. 

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