Apr 1, 2012

some (recent) fav pics

Here are some favorite pics within the last week in no particular order!
(and that haven't been blogged about previously)
This picture still makes me laugh she was dancing
dancing dancing to "Single Ladies"

My baby girl wanted nothing to do with me this day,
but I still love her!!!

Kai's new favorite game to play! Hi Ho Cherry-O
She's really good at it too!

Big Brown Eyes. melt my heart every time!

this just makes me think of when they are 16.
sisters and best friends for life
this sums up Miss Brayce! What a cute mess!

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! my girls are awesome :)

love the concentration!
i love being a mom and doing little activities w the girls!

yes again, my little mess!

still not loving on momma! but i love this girl!

surfing!!! in their new matching swimsuits! :)
Kai LOVES matching w/ her sister so I bought them matching suits!

I think my hubby is the hottest!

Kai wrote her name!!!
And we are both wearing our skinny jeans.



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