Apr 4, 2012

Eat more, lose more?!

So counting calories has always been so intimidating for me! I had never done it before and I always thought it would be SO complex and confusing and TIME CONSUMING! 
WOW, I am so pleasantly surprised! If you have an iPhone go right now and download the app - "myfitnesspal" and if you don't then go online to "www.myfitnesspal.com". I can not believe how EASY it makes it. 
They will help you figure out a calorie goal by you entering a little information. And don't worry they aren't going to make you starve! Just the opposite! You figure out your BMR - how many calories you need and burn just by your day to day activities and body functions! Then you put if you want to maintain, lose 1 pound or 2 pounds a week and then they will come up with your daily goal of calories! Leaving you with a 500 calorie deficit. 500 calories a day = 1 pound lost in a week!

Now something I didn't realize that I needed to know and pay attention to is NET CALORIES!
What is that?! 
Net calories consumed = total calories consumed - exercise calories burned. 
So the more you exercise, the more you can eat!

I am NO expert so here are a couple links to better explain it:

But I am going to try here to explain it in my own words and thoughts! That always helps me learn more! Read it and then tell it yourself!
My goal set is not calories consumed if I exercise! Which I try to do at least SOMETHING daily! Lately we have been going to the gym and doing Insanity so that's big calories burned. So that means I have to EAT MORE!
My goal is 1360 and if I burn 600 calories at the gym then I have to EAT 1960 to fuel my body to have enough energy to be able to work properly. Or my body could enter starvation mode and start to hoard everything I put in my mouth because I am not giving it enough fuel! Well how can I lose weight eating almost 2000 calories a day?! Well, with my exercise and eating I will still have that 500 calorie deficit and lose a pound a week!!! Can you believe you don't have to starve yourself and you can still lose weight!?! AWESOME!!!
If we cut our calories back then we are just setting up a vicious cycle that we will never win!

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