Apr 1, 2012

Family of 4... click click click

Ok, I know I am a photographer BUT that is not the only reason I love family pictures! I'm not sure all the reasons why but when I see a family shot of any family I know it really makes my heart smile! :) I don't know if it's because it doesn't happen enough - too many times mom or dad are stuck behind the camera and never jump in! But I just LOVE to see a whole family be together! :)
Ask a friend, or even a stranger to take the picture for you!! I do this all the time! Or learn the "stretch your arm out and turn the camera towards you" move. It works best with a smaller family! :)
Anytime I am around my extended family I always try to get a family shot of them, hopefully they will enjoy having one but really it's for my fridge! The left side is made up of my family families and I love seeing them! And I love getting updated ones! Anyways...

Here are our family pictures from March!

we love COS

celebrating Kai's birthday at Pizza Hut

Kai turns 3!

A day at the Zoo!

Let's go swimming!!

ready to shop!

I think it's nap time!!
Any reason is a good reason for a family picture! Don't wait until special occasions or once a year when you go visit a professional photographer - remember each day with a click of the camera!! :)

1 comment:

  1. Looking at all these makes me want to cut me hair now, lol. I do love always seein your beautiful family on Facebook and at church.



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