Apr 5, 2012

A Little bit of This & That

So I thought I would write a blog post about some random updates going on in my life right now.

* Lately I have felt so blessed and loved on by God. He continually blesses me. I hope the things I do please Him and that I can be a witness for Him.
My mom told me a couple days ago that her and my dad's faith are like they are because of me. She said there's no way that God couldn't be real. When she looks at my life she sees Him and told me I was a witness for Him. And that His love pours out of me. He has protected me and opened so many doors in my life.
That made me cry. I have always looked to my parents for approval and to know that I have made an impact on their lives like that truly touches my heart. They have always been there for me and put up with so much through my life. I wouldn't be who I am today without my parents!

Church is just amazing every week. This past sermon series was so refreshing and helped me draw closer to God. We learned about testimonies and how our story and His story intersect. Our stories are the most powerful tool we have to share who Jesus Christ is. Are you sharing yours?? I would really encourage you to go listen to the sermons at www.grovecos.com and www.facebook.com/grovecos -- SO amazing. I shared my story the first week (My Story), than we had about 10 people share by doing a cardboard testimony, then the next week a man in the church shared his story Part 1 & Part 2, and the final week we had 25 people get baptized!!!! WOW! God is doing amazing things at COS and in Grove. I am so thankful to be a part of it. I love serving the church on our Host Team. This Sunday is Easter and I am SO excited to see what God does in our church!

* KICK BUTT APRIL This month my husband and I are kicking butt. We started doing a work out program, Insanity, again and today will be day 4. We are running in the 5k race this Saturday. Our running has really slacked since we started to go to the gym so my goal will be to just finish it without dying! :) And I am looking to it to get me excited about running again! I love running and want to work that into our work outs! Insanity is going well except for I woke up today unable to move and laid on a heating pad for an hour! Feeling much better now! :) I have been counting my calories every day for 3 weeks MyFitnessPal and have not had ANY sweets for 2 weeks - which is HUGE for me! We also gave up fast food for the month! And will more than likely carry that on after April!
I still have 20 pounds to lose before reaching my weight loss goal! But I am feeling good and healthy and I am finally proud of myself for the work I have done and how far I have come. Hard work is the best way!
- I have to say a BIG thanks to my in-laws who watch the girls while we go to the gym everyday! Without them it wouldn't be possible and we are sooo appreciative. There really is something to living close to family!

* Our house: we are wanting to sell our house so we can move into town. I just want to be closer to the park, the church, my in-laws etc. So we can walk places and get out of the house more with out it being a 15 minute trip to town. I know that probably isn't much for those of you who live in a big city but it is here! I feel like a grandma on a farm who only goes to town once a week to sell eggs. :) So we are having to do a couple things to get ready to be able to list it with a realtor. We just replaced the front door. We are replacing the roof, we have to fix the fence from where the wind blew it over, we are having our carpets cleaned, and are looking into doing a few other changes. I LOVE OUR HOUSE. It really is a great house. I just wish it was in town and I want a backyard with no trees. :)

* I love my family. I know that's not a new update but I just crave having family time. My husband has been busy getting ready for Easter and I don't so much like these 12 hour days! But it's worth it. BIG EASTER will be awesome and God is going to do amazing things. I am so thankful for my hard working, Godly husband! He truly is my best friend. I am SO excited to celebrate the girls' birthday party next weekend (FINALLY) and for our families to come here to celebrate with us! Which next Saturday is also my husband's birthday!! :) It will be a FUN weekend!

* I want to go to the beach... Wouldn't my girls look adorable in the sand? Kai wants to surf! I've got lots of reasons why I think this is a good idea: reach my goal reward! 5 year anniversary! family time! pictures of my babies in the sand!

Well I guess that's about it... I am extremely happy and am loving my life!

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